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Sales Brochure - 1961 Ford Truck

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full line-up
econoline van & bus
falcon ranchero

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Sales brochure for the 1961 Ford Truck full line. It says that there are now over 600 models. Models featured include the Econoline Van, Econoline Station Bus, Econoline 1/2-ton Pickup, Falcon Ranchero Pickup, Falcon Sedan Delivery, F-600 two-tonner, F-100 Styleside Pickup, F-250 Styleside, F-350 Flareside, F-500 Stake, F-700, F-750, F-800, F-850 short wheelbase tractor, F-950, F-1000, F-1100, Tilt Cab series C-550, C-600, C-700, C-750, C-800, C-850, C-950, C-1000, C-1100, School Bus B-Series, Parcel Delivery P-Series, Tandem Series T-700, T-750, T-800, T-950, and the Big Ford H-Series in Diesel or Gasoline (HT-850, HTD-850, HT-950, HDT-950, H-950, HD-950, H-1000, HD-1000). Engine specs and full line charts are also inside and on the back cover.

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