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Sales Brochure - Volkswagen 1949 Beetle

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1949-1973 ID

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The inside cover of this promotional booklet for the 1973 says, How Old Is That Beetle? Here's How to Tell. In 1949 the first two new Volkswagens were imported to the United States. Some 24 years later Bug is still a star performer on the American automotive stage - and will be for years to come. The Bug is available in two versions now, the Beetle and the slightly-larger Super Beetle. Both bear out the Volkswagen philosophy that changes are make only for the sake of improvement, never simply for the sake of change. Each year's Beetle and Super Beetle is better than the last one, but the basic shape remains the same. So whether in Cleveland, New York, or New Delhi, it's easy to spot a Beetle. Telling the Bug's model year is something else - and that's why we've produced this handy guide. All Volkswagens were built according to calendar year prior to 1955. On August 1, 1955 a "model year" was established. In some instances, many exterior changes and inside improvement were made during a particular year's production. The older the VW, the more difficult it is to spot the changes. The features listed are characteristic improvements in a given model year. The only sure-fire method of identification is to check the chassis number of the car and compare it with the numbers listed.

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