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Sales Brochure - Volkswagen 1949 Beetle

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1949-1973 ID

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The 1973 Beetle: Chassis Numbers: 113 2 000001 - (1) Large, circular taillight complex combining stop light, turn signal, tail and backup lights. (2) Stronger bumpers add an inch to overall length. (3) Front seats adjustable to any of 77 different positions. (4) More durable, easier-to-operate clutch; softer transmission mounting. (5) Improved intake air pre-heating for faster cold-weather starts. (6) Windshield wiper arms have black finish. (7) Inertia-reel safety belts. (8) 6.00 X 15L tires with 4.5 inch wide wheels. In addition to all the Beetle's improvements, the 1973 Super Beetle also has: (1) New curved windshield, adding to car's interior space. (2) Completely redesigned dashboard with rocker switches and divided glove compartment. (3) Improved flow-through ventilation to prove greater air flow and more even distribution.

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