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Sales Brochure - GM 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

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The top of the page shows a red 1969 Camaro hardtop with a white vinyl top. The girl next to the car was so excited to stand next to the car, they had to put her in a straight jacket. This page also shows all the options you can get on the 1969 Camaro. Options include: the Camaro SS in either the 300-hp or 325-hp V8 engine; Rally Sport; Style Trip Group (included in the Rally Sport); Custom Interior; Special Interior Group (included in Custom Interior); appearance guard items which include bumper guards, door edge guards, floor maps, and vanity mirror; operating convenience items which include electric clock, remote control mirror, and rear window defroster; Standard engine of 140-hp six or the 200-hp V8, 155-hp six or 250-hp V8; transmission choices of Powerglide Turbo Hydra-matic, Torque-Drive, 4-Speed manual, Standard or Special 3-Speed manual; Positraction rear axle; Power brakes; Power disc brakes (front only or 4-wheel choices); Power steering; Power convertible top; Power windows; Four-Season air conditioning; Air Spoiler equipment; ducted hood for SS and Z-28; Heavy-duty battery; Custom deluxe seat and shoulder belts; Color-Matched resilient bumper; Console; Floor shifter (3-speed); Dual exhaust (200 or 250 V8 engine); Engine block heater; Temperature controlled fan; 42-amp Delcotron generator; Soft-Ray tinted glass; Special instrumentation; Light monitoring system; Auxiliary lighting which includes ashtray light, courtesy light, glove and luggage compartment light, and underhood light; Rear deck lid luggage carrier; Ski rack; Heavy-duty radiator; Radio options of AM, AM/FM, AM/FM stereo, rear seat speaker, and/or manual antenna; Stereo tape system; Vinyl roof cover; Fold-down rear seat; Speed warning indicator; Sport accents which include front accent striping, sport striping, fender striping; Special steering; Steering wheel in Comfortilt or sport-style; Wheel types of covers, Mag-Style, Mag-Spoke, simulated wire, and others; Rally Wheels, Sport Wheels for the SS, Trim rings, Tires in white wall, F70x24 white lettered, or white stripe; Liquid Tire Chain brand of traction improver; AND Space-Saver spare tire. So what is Liquid Tire Chain? This was a can of liquid that you would place on your rear tires if you were spinning on snow/ice. Better yet this may have been the RPO-V75 option which was a remote control option were you mounted this can in you trunk attached to the wheel liner where a vacuum operated valve would allow the can to be emptied on the tires. (high resolution image)

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