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Sales Brochure - Volkswagen 1970 Beetle

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The image of a Volkswagen Beetle parallel parking in a future, new age, parking spot is shown on the previous page. This is the text for that image which reads, In the next few years, there'll be 100 million cars on the road. But there'll always be room for a VW. Font to rear Bug measures 13'. Side to side 5'. Which means it can fit into places big dream cars can only dream about. And weave in and out of traffic with no effort at all. Especially if you've got our optional automatic stick shift. Because then you can drive around town all day and not change gears. You also won't have to use the clutch pedal. Because there is none. Just put it in Drive 1. Site back and save your strength. And when you're on the open road and want to cruise over 55 mph, just put it in Drive 2. Sit back and save your gas. Drive 2 acts like an overdrive. So you can still get about 25 mpg even with the automatic. (Of course, if you'd rather shift for yourself there's always our standard 4-speed synchromesh transmission.) And while you're sitting back enjoying the open road, you might want to open your sunroof. And enjoy the open sky. You also might want to turn on your AM/FM radio to keep you company. The sunroof and radio are extras though, so they'll cost a little extra. But when you consider how much a VW can save you, you can consider treating yourself to a few of life's little extras.

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