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Auto/Truck/Fleet Paint Cross Reference
Custom Paint Chip Sheet
(C) 2018

2018 BMW i3

Paint Sample
model year code manuf code
Promotional Color Name
refinish paint codes (PPG, Dupont, Acme Roders, Marin Senour, Sherwin Williams)
Fluid Black
PPG: 9865
Dupont: F0655
Martin Senour: 59049
Sherwin Williams: 59049 RM-BASF: 20381 Glasurit: BMW-668
Comment: code C2W with frozen blue accent
Melbourne Red
PPG: 923502
RM-BASF: 738815
Comment: code C32 with frozen gray accent
Mineral Gray
PPG: 934527
RM-BASF: 862446
Comment: metallic, code C2V with frozen blue accent
Capparis White
PPG: 940506
RM-BASF: 892201
Comment: code B85 with frozen blue accent
Protonic Blue
PPG: 936541
RM-BASF: 897917
Comment: metallic, code C01 with frozen gray accent