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Paint Chips - Proton 1999
1999 Proton Detailed List of all Paint Codes

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Akzo Nob

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1999 Proton models:
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Detailed Model Paint List:
1999 Proton paint names

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YG Aubergine
G62 Laser Green
G68 Oceana Green
R91 Claret
Y78 Royal Yellow
A60,H60 Dark Grey
B70,H70 Greyish Blue
H67,V67 Purplish Grey
H92,W92 Dove White
A30,16930 Silver
A41,16941 Shadow Gray
B40,16940 Medium Blue
B45,10945 Bright Pewter
B51,16951 Proton Blue
B97,16897 Velvet Blue
G08,10708 Cool Jade
G34,10934 Willow Green
G39,16939 Light Green
G49,16949 Green
G52,16952 Dark Green
H89,10989 Shadow Gray
K42,16942 Inca Gold
P58,16858 Flame Red
R43,16943 Maroon
R48,16948 Red
V32,16932 Dark Purple
W83,10983 Arctic White
G15,G95,11015 Peacock Green
H52,A0098,16852 Dolphin Gray
L05,A0097,10805 Geremis Gray