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1989 Dodge Color Codes - Raider Paint Cross-Reference
found 8 paint color chips with a year of 1989, make of "Dodge", model of "Raider"

year make model name code sample Chrysler code Ditzler PPG Dupont RM BASF Glasurit
1989 Dodge Raider Medium Buckskin C46, PV8  AC10846 26480 W8941
1989 Dodge Raider Dark Gray H52, PS8  AC10852 34771 K9057 19181 MIT-724
1989 Dodge Raider Grace Silver H84, PA4  AC10884 34522 W8829 18540 MIT-720
1989 Dodge Raider Monaco Red R82, PR6  AC10882 73133 H8925 18542 MIT-332
1989 Dodge Raider Light Buckskin S55, PV3  AC10855 26580 H9086
1989 Dodge Raider Bright Blue T87, PB5  AC10887 16575 K8904
1989 Dodge Raider Black X15, PX1  AC10515 9000, 9300 99S
1989 Dodge Raider San Marino Yellow Y59, PY1  AC10659 82520 N8109
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