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Ford Fleet Blue   MX7001824 195074 BS499 78209 spectramaster blue, lincoln, mercury
Ford Fleet Blue   MX7001771 DT676 54210 X0071H
Ford Fleet Cardinal Red   MX7071013 WE5112 DT6168 22158 17618 25072 1022, 32-3574 3700, 1573 X0713D
Ford Fleet Colonial White   MX709763 4944 B9535 50492 also M6735
Ford Fleet Cream   MX701906 26366 putty
Ford Fleet Cream   MX702728 3051, 26799 45139 25366 4975, 32-4711 3867 X0228B, M5531
Ford Fleet Dark Red   MX707991 75141 43749 43749 X0791D
Ford Fleet Gray   MX703875 39194
Ford Fleet Gray   MX703694 35279 90-7114 7531, 17587
Ford Fleet Gray   MX7031031 DT790 58828 X0331C
Ford Fleet Gray   MX7031041 36830 DT901 58826 X0341C
Ford Fleet Gray   MX703980 36715, 301501 36952 36952 X0380C
Ford Fleet Light Blue   MX7001826 19187 DP025 62924 X0026, lincoln, mercury
Ford Fleet Medium Graphite   MX7031037 4986 B9511 50311 also M6712
Ford Fleet Olive Drab Green   MX7042272 48582 58827 X0472G
Ford Fleet Orange   MX706713 44962
Ford Fleet Playboy Pink   MX707988 J5-1469-G
Ford Fleet Red   MX707532 71662 also WT4171
Ford Fleet Red   MX707993 75140 45664 X0793D
Ford Fleet Royal Blue   MX7001791 17761 54946 X0091H
Ford Fleet Tan   MX701907 41844 41844 X0107N
Ford Fleet White   MX709734 51322
Ford Fleet Yellow   MX7081202 54211
Ford Fleet Yellow   MX7081203 83996 54212 X0803F
Ford Fleet Yellow   MX7081223 95801 X0823F
Ford Fleet Green DT7034  MX8241089 DT7034 44565 also WT7322
Ford Fleet Red WT4087  MX707654 71655
Ford Fleet Red WT4110  MX707572 DT3247 71657
Ford Fleet Yellow WT6088  MX708594 81642
Ford Fleet Yellow WT6335  MX708226 81970 Kraft Fleet
Ford Fleet Yellow WT6336  MX7081179 81971 Shell Oil yellow
Ford Fleet Green WT7363  MX7042204 44574 7267 18301 11679, 43504 4984, 43504 X0404G
Ford Fleet Medium Gold MX701853  MX701853 WE5180 2176 5157A, 5157D, 5157L L11-N3035
Ford Tractor Blue   MX700825
Ford Tractor Dearborn Gray  
Ford Tractor Dearborn Red  
Ford Tractor Diesel Blue   M1467
Ford Tractor Empire Blue   M0404
Ford Tractor Implement Buff  
Ford Tractor Industrial Yellow   M3132 81304
Ford Tractor Industrial Yellow   M1640 29312D
Ford Tractor Industrial Yellow Cream   WT5394 71890 9749 16072 8668 JX-9409
Ford Tractor Massey Gray   M1011
Ford Tractor New Tractor Red   MX707453 71969 7410, 55416D
Ford Tractor New Tractor Silver   metallic
Ford Tractor New Tractor Yellow   M5394 82291 N9659, 71890
Ford Tractor New Yellow   M5771 82664 H7947, G9373A also called New Caterpillar Yellow
Ford Tractor Tractor Blue   M1639 29311
Ford Tractor Tractor Buff  
Ford Tractor Tractor Gray   M1750 L9808
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