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Printable index of all special models in the book.
We created this web site as a result of researching special and limited edition Mustangs. It was taking hours of work to identify the actual shades of special order paint colors from automotive paint chip pages. This lead us to digitize these pages and cross-reference them to production use on vehicles for an idea of what these colors actually looked like. We posted all the information on this site as well as MustangAttitude.com. When we found new special models we listed what they may have looked like and the special order colors. Many site visitors contacted us over the years of cars they have or have owned that matched that information. We have helped save many from junk yards when it was discovered they were special. Order the book today, see the some of the results of this research and the information and photos we received from site visitors.

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Year/Make/Model Paint Code Lookup page: primarily for paint suppliers to link to or use, these pages are a quick way to look up a paint code for particular year/make/model. We have two versions: version 1, or version 2. Please view this for more information.

Compare Paint Chip pages side by side: You can now compare two paint chip images side by side to compare years, models, and makes. Simply press the "Anchor" link just above the paint chip. This will move the paint chip to the right, allowing you to select another paint chip. Check it out

Paint Database - newest year/make/models
2019 Aston Martin
2019 Bentley
2019 Ferrari
2019 Fisker

Paint Chip pages - year/makes
2010 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2014 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2008 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2019 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2018 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2011 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2004 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2002 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2003 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2006 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2009 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2001 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2013 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2012 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2005 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2007 Nissan Infiniti PaintRef.com
2020 Porsche PaintRef.com
1963 Kaiser Jeep corporate
2020 Smart PaintRef.com
2020 Subaru PaintRef.com

Sales Brochures - year/makes/models
2019 Ford Fusion
2019 Lincoln MKC
2019 Lincoln MKT
2019 Lincoln MKZ
2019 Ford Mustang
2021 Ford Mustang
2020 Ford Mustang
2020 Karma Revero
2018 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
2019 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
2020 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
2017 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
2020 Saleen Saleen 1
2016 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
2021 Ford Bronco
2018 Volkswagen Beetle
2020 Fiat
2019 Ford Mustang - GT350

Examples of paint on a car/truck
2002 Subaru Forester
2018 Porsche 911 GT3
2020 Porsche 911
2018 Porsche Boxster 718
1995 Porsche
2021 Toyota Highlander
2003 Nissan Infiniti i35
2013 Nissan Altima
2016 Nissan Rogue
2019 McLaren 600LT
2016 McLaren 570S
2020 Lamborghini Huracan
2019 Lamborghini Aventador
2017 Audi R8
2020 Audi A3
2017 Porsche 911
2020 Porsche Cayman 718 GT4
2018 Mitsubishi Outlander
2021 Ford Mustang
1988 GM Chevrolet Camaro RS
2020 Land Rover Defender Lego