Ditzler code 2084 - red orange
This red orange automotive paint color is most commonly known as Hugger Orange. Other common color promotional names include Carousel Red, Medium Orange, Ontario Orange, Monaco Orange, Red Orange, Firecracker Orange, and Road Commission Orange. The color formulation has been used between 1967 and 1976, primarily by Chevrolet; but also by Pontiac, GM, Oldsmobile, Northwest Airlines, GMC, and Buick. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Camaro, Firebird, Chevelle, ChevyII, Corvette, Nova, GTO, and Corvair. See the full detailed list below.

2084 is a paint code for PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) who has been providing automotive paints since 1924 (originally Ditzler Color Company subsidiary acquired in 1928). PPG/Ditzler codes in the 2000 to 9990 range were primarily used on new paint formulations from 1969 to 2003. They serve as a great way to track the usage of paint.

Example of the color Ditzler 2084
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Usage list of Ditzler paint code 2084 (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
FleetNorthwest AirlinesCarousel Red
1967ChevroletCamaro0-0Road Commission Orangespecial order, close match to ppg 2084 and ppg 2089
1969ChevroletCamaro72Hugger Orange
1969ChevroletChevelle72Hugger Orange
1969ChevroletChevrolet72Hugger Orange
1969ChevroletChevyII72Hugger Orange
1969ChevroletCorvair72Hugger Orange
1969ChevroletCorvette990Monaco Orange
1969ChevroletNova72Hugger Orange
1969GM72Hugger Orange
1969PontiacFirebird72Carousel Red
1969PontiacGTO72Carousel Red
1969PontiacPontiac72Carousel Red
1970ChevroletCamaro65Hugger Orange
1970ChevroletChevelle72Hugger Orange
1970ChevroletChevrolet65Hugger Orange
1970ChevroletChevyII72Hugger Orange
1970ChevroletCorvette991Ontario Orange
1970GM65Hugger Orange
1970PontiacFirebird65Carousel Red
1970PontiacPontiac65Carousel Red
1971ChevroletChevrolet72Hugger Orange
1971GM72Hugger Orange
1976BuickBuick78,UFirecracker OrangeHugger Orange
1976ChevroletCamaro78Medium OrangeHugger Orange
1976ChevroletChevrolet78Medium OrangeHugger Orange
1976ChevroletNova78Medium OrangeHugger Orange
1976GM78Medium OrangeHugger Orange
1976GMCGMC78Medium Orange
1976OldsmobileOldsmobile78Red OrangeHugger Orange
1976PontiacFirebird78Carousel RedHugger Orange
1976PontiacPontiac78Carousel Red

Paint Manufacturer Codes
GM(Fisher code) : WA3959
Make/Year Code : 990, 72, 78, 991, 65, U
PPG/Ditzler : 2084
Dupont : 44140AH, 44140, 5021LM, 44140LM, 5021AH, 926-99616, 5021, 99616, 5021DH, 44140DM
Acme/Rogers : 5710
Martin Senour : 4420
Sherwin Williams : 2897
Arco : 6308R, AE-3498R, S-9564R, L-5387R

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