Ditzler code 5930 - red
This red automotive paint color is most commonly known as Inferno Red. Other common color promotional names include Blaze Red Crystal, Inferno Red Crystal, and Blaze Red. The color formulation has been used between 2003 and 2011, primarily by Dodge; but also by Chrysler and Jeep. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Dodge Truck, Caravan, Ram, Magnum, Durango, Charger, Grand Caravan, Caliber, Nitro, Avenger, Dakota, Journey, Challenger, Neon, Stratus, Patriot, Compass, Town and Country, Sebring, 300, Grand Cherokee, PT Cruiser, Liberty, and Commander. See the full detailed list below.

5930 is a paint code for PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) who has been providing automotive paints since 1924 (originally Ditzler Color Company subsidiary acquired in 1928). PPG/Ditzler codes in the 2000 to 9990 range were primarily used on new paint formulations from 1969 to 2003. They serve as a great way to track the usage of paint.

Example of the color Ditzler 5930
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Usage list of Ditzler paint code 5930 (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
2003ChryslerPRH,ARHBlaze Red Crystal
2003DodgeDodgePRHBlaze Red Crystal
2003DodgeNeonPRHBlaze Red Crystal
2004ChryslerPRH,ARHBlaze Red Crystal
2004DodgeDodgePRHBlaze Red Crystal
2004DodgeNeonPRHBlaze Red Crystal
2005ChryslerPRH,ARHBlaze Red Crystal
2005DodgeCaravanPRHBlaze Red Crystal
2005DodgeDodgePRHBlaze Red Crystal
2005DodgeDodge TruckPRHBlaze Red CrystalCaravan
2005DodgeMagnumPRHBlaze Red Crystal
2005DodgeNeonPRHBlaze Red Crystal
2005DodgeStratusPRHBlaze Red Crystalsedan
2005JeepJeepRHBlaze Red CrystalCherokee
2006ChryslerPRH,ARHBlaze Red Crystal
2006DodgeCaravanPRHInferno Red
2006DodgeChargerRHBlaze Red
2006DodgeDakotaPRHInferno Red
2006DodgeDodgePRHInferno Red
2006DodgeDodge TruckPRHInferno RedCaravan Dakota Durango Grand-Caravan Ram
2006DodgeDurangoPRHInferno Red
2006DodgeGrand CaravanPRHInferno Red
2006DodgeMagnumPRHInferno Red
2006DodgeRamPRHInferno Red
2006DodgeStratusPRHInferno Red
2006JeepJeepRHInferno Red
2007ChryslerPRH,ARHInferno Red
2007DodgeCaliberPRHInferno Red
2007DodgeCaravanPRH,ARHInferno Red
2007DodgeChargerRHBlaze Red
2007DodgeDodgePRHInferno Red
2007DodgeDodge TruckPRH,ARHInferno RedCaravan Durango Grand-Caravan Ram
2007DodgeDurangoPRH,ARHInferno Red
2007DodgeGrand CaravanPRH,ARHInferno Red
2007DodgeMagnumPRHInferno Red
2007DodgeNitroPRHInferno Red
2007DodgeRamPRH,ARHInferno Red
2007DodgeStratusPRHInferno Red
2008ChryslerPRH,ARHInferno Red
2008DodgeAvengerPRHInferno Red
2008DodgeCaliberPRHInferno Red
2008DodgeCaravanPRH,ARHInferno Red
2008DodgeChargerRHInferno Red
2008DodgeDodgePRHInferno Red
2008DodgeDodge TruckPRH,ARHInferno RedCaravan Durango Grand-Caravan Journey Ram
2008DodgeDurangoPRH,ARHInferno Red
2008DodgeGrand CaravanPRH,ARHInferno Red
2008DodgeJourneyPRH,ARHInferno Red
2008DodgeMagnumPRHInferno Red
2008DodgeNitroPRHInferno Red
2008DodgeRamPRH,ARHInferno Red
2008JeepJeepRHInferno Red
2009ChryslerPRH,ARHInferno Red
2009DodgeAvengerRHInferno Red
2009DodgeCaliberRHInferno Red
2009DodgeCaravanPRH,ARHInferno Red
2009DodgeChallengerRHInferno Red
2009DodgeChargerRHInferno Red
2009DodgeDakotaPRH,ARHInferno Red
2009DodgeDodgePRHInferno Red
2009DodgeDodge TruckPRH,ARHInferno RedCaravan Dakota Durango Grand-Caravan Journey Ram
2009DodgeDurangoPRH,ARHInferno Red
2009DodgeGrand CaravanPRH,ARHInferno Red
2009DodgeJourneyPRH,ARHInferno Red
2009DodgeMagnumRHInferno Red
2009DodgeNitroRHInferno Red
2009DodgeRamPRH,ARHInferno Red
2009JeepJeepRHInferno RedCompass Liberty Patriot
2010ChryslerPRH,ARHInferno Red
2010Chrysler300PRH,ARHInferno Red Crystal
2010ChryslerPT CruiserPRH,ARHInferno Red Crystal
2010ChryslerSebringPRH,ARHInferno Red Crystal
2010ChryslerTown and CountryPRH,ARHInferno Red Crystal
2010DodgeAvengerRHInferno Red
2010DodgeCaliberRHInferno Red
2010DodgeCaravanPRH,ARHInferno Red
2010DodgeChallengerRHInferno Red
2010DodgeChargerRHInferno Red
2010DodgeDakotaPRH,ARHInferno Red
2010DodgeDodgePRHInferno Red
2010DodgeDodge TruckPRH,ARHInferno RedDakota Durango Grand-Caravan Journey Ram
2010DodgeDurangoPRH,ARHInferno Red
2010DodgeGrand CaravanPRH,ARHInferno Red
2010DodgeJourneyPRH,ARHInferno Red
2010DodgeMagnumRHInferno Red
2010DodgeNitroRHInferno Red
2010DodgeRamPRH,ARHInferno Red
2010JeepCommanderPRHInferno Red
2010JeepCompassPRHInferno Red
2010JeepJeepRHInferno Red
2010JeepLibertyPRHInferno Red
2010JeepPatriotPRHInferno Red
2011ChryslerPRH,ARHInferno Red
2011DodgeCaliberRHInferno Red
2011DodgeChallengerRHInferno Red
2011DodgeDodgePRHInferno Red
2011DodgeDodge TruckPRH,ARHInferno RedDurango Ram
2011DodgeDurangoPRH,ARHInferno Red
2011DodgeRamPRH,ARHInferno Red
2011JeepGrand CherokeePRHInferno Red
2011JeepJeepRHInferno Red
2011JeepPatriotPRHInferno Red

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Make/Year Code : RH, PRH, ARH
PPG/Ditzler : 5930
Dupont : P2234
Sherwin Williams : 63816

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