Ditzler code 60156 - orange
This orange automotive paint color is most commonly known as Omaha Orange. Other common color promotional names include Tangier Orange, Orange, Chicle Drab, and Fork Lift Orange. The color formulation has been used between 1930 and 1992, primarily by Chevrolet; but also by GMC, GM, Diamond T, Studebaker, Ford, Reo, Chrysler, Dr Pepper, Toyota, HomeDepot, and Pontiac. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Chevy Truck, Diamond T Truck, Studebaker Truck, Ford Special Order / Fleet, Astro, Reo Truck, Blazer, Suburban, Chrysler Special Order / Fleet, and Chevrolet Special Order / Fleet. See the full detailed list below.

60156 is a paint code for PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) who has been providing automotive paints since 1924 (originally Ditzler Color Company subsidiary acquired in 1928). PPG/Ditzler codes in the 10000 to 95000 range were used on new paint formulations from the late 1930's to 1968. PPG/Ditzler codes in the 60000 to 69999 range are primarily shades of orange. These PPG codes serve as a great way to track the usage of paint between and within vehicle manufacturers.

Example of the color Ditzler 60156
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Usage list of Ditzler paint code 60156 (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
FleetDr PepperOrangeorange crush
1930ChevroletChevroletOmaha Orange
1930ChevroletChevrolet54Chicle Drabwheels 60156, molding IM300
1931ChevroletChevroletOmaha Orange
1931ChevroletChevrolet54Chicle Drabwheels 60156, molding IM300
1933ChevroletChevroletOmaha Orange
1951GMCGMCOmaha Orange
1952GMCGMCOmaha Orange
1953GMCGMCOmaha Orange
1954GMCGMCOmaha Orange
1955Diamond TTruckOmaha Orange
1955GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1956Diamond TTruckOmaha Orange
1956GM7Omaha Orange
1956GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1957Diamond TTruckOmaha Orange
1957GM7Omaha Orange
1957GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1958Diamond TTruckOmaha Orange
1958GM7Omaha Orange
1958GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1958ReoTruckOmaha Orange1953-63
1959ChevroletChevy Truck716Omaha Orange
1959Diamond TTruckOmaha Orange
1959GM716Omaha Orange
1959GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1959StudebakerTruck58Omaha Orange
1960ChevroletChevy Truck716Omaha Orange
1960Diamond TTruckOmaha Orange
1960GM716Omaha Orange
1960GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1960StudebakerTruckBCWOmaha Orange
1961ChevroletChevy Truck716Omaha Orange
1961GM716Omaha Orange
1961GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1961StudebakerTruck1073,BCWOmaha Orange
1962ChevroletChevy Truck716Omaha Orange
1962GM716Omaha Orange
1962GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1962StudebakerTruckOmaha Orange1073-BCW
1963ChevroletChevy Truck516Omaha Orangealso 546(L)
1963GM516Omaha Orangealso 546(L)
1963GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1963StudebakerTruckOmaha Orange1073-BCW
1964ChevroletChevy Truck516Orange
1964FordFleetMX706229OrangeDupont form A-33538-20M-12-63
1964FordFleetMX706235OrangeDupont form A-33538-20M-12-63
1964FordFleetMX70650OrangeDupont form A-33538-20M-12-63
1964GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1964StudebakerTruck58,68Omaha Orange
1965ChevroletChevy Truck516Orange
1965GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1966ChevroletChevy Truck516Orange
1966GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1967ChevroletChevy Truck516Orange
1967GMCGMC7Omaha Orange
1967PontiacPontiacOmaha Orangespecial order
1968ChevroletChevy Truck516,546Orange
1969ChevroletChevy Truck516Orange
1969FleetOrangeDupont Fleet Book
1969FleetOrangeDupont Fleet Book, also Ford MX706235
1970ChevroletChevy Truck516Orange
1971ChevroletChevy Truck516Orange
1971FordFleetWT5351OrangeDitzler PPG Form7163
1972ChevroletChevy Truck516Orange
1972ChevroletFleetWE5108OrangeDitzler PPG Form7257
1974ChevroletChevy Truck516Orange50-90 series
1974Diamond TTruckRMS-45-901Omaha OrangeDupont Cross Ref guide
1974GMCGMC516Tangier Orange
1974ReoTruckRMS-45-901Omaha OrangeDupont Cross Ref guide
1975ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier Orange
1975GM88Tangier Orange
1975GMCGMC88Tangier Orange
1976ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier Orange
1976GM88Tangier Orange
1976GMCGMC88Tangier Orange
1977ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier Orange
1977GM88Tangier Orange
1977GMCGMC88Tangier Orange
1978ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier Orange
1978GM88Tangier Orange
1978GMCGMC88Tangier Orange
1979ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier Orange
1979GM88Tangier Orange
1979GMCGMC88Tangier Orange
1980ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier Orange
1980GM88Tangier Orange
1981ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier Orange
1981GM88Tangier Orange
1982ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier Orange
1982GM88Tangier Orange
1983ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier Orange
1983ChryslerFleetDT5068OrangeDitzler PPG Form 8302
1983GM88Tangier Orange
1984ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier OrangeC G M S
1984GM88Tangier Orange
1985ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier OrangeC10/C30 G/D/G30 P S series, medium duty
1985GM88Tangier Orange
1985GMCGMC88Tangier Orangespecial order
1986ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier OrangeC10/C30 G/G10/G30 P S series, medium duty
1986GMCGMC88Tangier Orangespecial order
1987ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier OrangeC10/C30 G10/G30 P S series, medium duty
1987GMCGMC88Tangier Orangespecial order
1988ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier OrangeMD also WE5108
1988GM88Tangier Orangealso WE5108, Chevy Truck
1988GMCGMC88Tangier Orangespecial order
1989ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier OrangeWE5108
1989GM88Tangier OrangeWE5108
1989GMCGMC88Tangier Orangespecial order
1990ChevroletChevy Truck88Tangier Orange
1990GMCGMC88Tangier Orangespecial order
1990ToyotaFork Lift Orange
1991ChevroletAstro88Tangier Orangespecial order
1991ChevroletBlazer88Tangier Orangespecial order
1991ChevroletSuburban88Tangier Orangespecial order
1991GMCGMC88Tangier Orangespecial order
1992ChevroletAstro88Tangier Orange
1992ChevroletBlazer88Tangier Orangespecial order, S10 Blazer
1992ChevroletSuburban88Tangier Orangespecial order
1992GMCGMC88Tangier Orangespecial order

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Ford : WT5351
GM(Fisher code) : WA5108, WE5108
Chrysler/Dodge : DT5068
Make/Year Code : 516, 546, 7, 68, MX706229, RMS-45-901, MX70650, WT5351, 88, MX706235, BCW, 1073, DT5068, 58, 716, WE5108
PPG/Ditzler : 60156
Dupont : 31L, 70106, 93-082H, 246-6276, 93-083, 93-70106, 1096, 93-77671, 246-34175, 378-082, 31LH, 31A, 31DH, 93-082, 31, 31AH
Acme/Rogers : 1023, 1674
Martin Senour : 116
Sherwin Williams : 3953, 7436, 8900
RM/BASF : 1597
Glasurit : GM-5108

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