GM code WA5118 - black
This black automotive paint color is most commonly known as Lamp Black. Another common paint color promotional name is Black. The color formulation has been used between 1983 and 2002, primarily by GMC; but also by Chevrolet and GM. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Chevy Truck, Blazer, Sonoma, Jimmy, Suburban, Typhoon, Kodiak, Syclone, and Topkick. See the full detailed list below.

GM paint manufacturing codes come in two forms, the short 1 to 3 digit model/year code which changes frequently; and beginning in the 1960's a longer 4 digit code which starts with the letters "WA" or "WE". Sometimes called "Fisher Paint codes"; codes beginning with WA are production paints, WE are commercial or special order paints with codes typically starting with '5' (i.e. WE5xxx). For paint codes in the 5000-5999 range, either the WA or WE can be used; i.e. WA5118 is the same as WE5118.

Variations of the exterior paint code WA5118, which may appear on body data tags include: 5118, U5118, and L5118 (the prefix U for upper body, or L for lower body). Location of the GM paint code plate (Service Parts Identification tag) varies depending on the year and model of the vehicle common places are on the top or near the top of the back engine compartment shroud panel just behind the steering wheel, hinge pillar of the driver's side door, trunk or rear hatch, side of door, glove compartment, or behind the driver's seat. Check for either the short year/make/model paint code or the longer manufacturing (Fisher) paint code.

Example of the color GM WA5118
See more information on GM code "WA5118"

Usage list of GM paint code WA5118 (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1983ChevroletChevy Truck09Blacklow gloss
1983GM09Blacklow gloss
1984ChevroletChevy Truck09Blacklow gloss, S (S Series)
1984ChevroletChevy Truck19BlackC S M (Medium Duty)
1984GM09Blacklow gloss
1985ChevroletChevy Truck09Blacklow gloss, S-series
1985ChevroletChevy Truck19BlackC10/30 S series, medium duty
1985GM09Blacklow gloss
1986ChevroletChevy Truck09Blacklow gloss, S-series
1986ChevroletChevy Truck19BlackC10/C30 S series, medium duty
1987ChevroletChevy Truck19Blacklow gloss, C10/C30 G10/G30 P S-series
1988ChevroletChevy Truck19BlackHD MD RV S
1989ChevroletChevy Truck19Black
1990ChevroletChevy Truck19Black
1991ChevroletChevy Truck19Black
1991GMCGMC19BlackFull Size Van, Jimmy, Cab/Chassis, Medium Duty, Sonoma, Suburban
1992ChevroletBlazer19Lamp BlackS10 Blazer
1992ChevroletChevy Truck19Lamp Black
1992GM19Lamp Black
1992GMCGMC19Lamp BlackFull Size Van, Medium Duty, Jimmy S15, Sonoma, Syclone, Typhoon
1992GMCJimmy19Lamp Black
1992GMCSonoma19Lamp Black
1992GMCSyclone19Lamp Black
1992GMCTyphoon19Lamp Black
1993ChevroletBlazer19Lamp BlackS10 Blazer
1993ChevroletChevy Truck19Lamp Blackalso G van
1993GM19Lamp Black
1993GMCGMC19Lamp BlackFull Size Van, Medium Duty, Jimmy S15, Sonoma, Typhoon
1993GMCJimmy19Lamp Black
1993GMCSonoma19Lamp Black
1993GMCTyphoon19Lamp Black
1994ChevroletBlazer19Lamp BlackS10 Blazer
1994ChevroletChevy Truck19Lamp Blackmedium duty, S10, S15, jimmy
1994GMCGMC19Lamp BlackMedium Duty, Jimmy S15, Sonoma
1994GMCJimmy19Lamp Black
1994GMCSonoma19Lamp Black
1995ChevroletBlazer19Lamp BlackS10 Blazer
1995ChevroletChevy Truck19Lamp Blacktruck
1995GMCGMC19Lamp BlackMedium Duty, Jimmy S15, Sonoma
1995GMCJimmy19Lamp Black
1995GMCSonoma19Lamp Black
1996ChevroletChevy Truck19Lamp Blackblazer, suburban, S10, S15, jimmy
1996GMCGMC19Lamp BlackMedium Duty
1997ChevroletChevy Truck19Lamp Blacksierra, suburban, tahoe, yukon
1997GMCGMC19Lamp BlackMedium Duty
1998ChevroletChevy Truck19Lamp Black
1998GM19Lamp Black
1998GMCGMC19Lamp BlackMedium Duty
1999ChevroletChevy Truck19Lamp BlackCK pickup
1999GM19Lamp Black
2000ChevroletChevy Truck19Lamp Blackmedium duty
2000GM19Lamp Black
2000GMCGMC19Lamp BlackMedium Duty
2001ChevroletChevy Truck19Lamp BlackMedium Duty
2001GM19Lamp Black
2001GMCGMC19Lamp BlackMedium Duty
2002ChevroletChevy Truck19BlackKodiak

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Ford : M1247, M1724X, M6018, M1724
GM(Fisher code) : WA5118, WA0848, WA8555
Chrysler/Dodge : AC10515, DT4004
Make/Year Code : 7010, 90, 170B, PMA, 019, 74, B1, LO41, EXY, DB040, 601, 20, 231, PDE, 551, L041 L741 700 A1, TX9, 207, HB, 632, 700, P1, 505, L41, 905, L041, 41, 0001, 9500701, DT4004, X9, 026, 19, 074, A1, LY9B L041 700 A1 A2, X21, 1, X15, 914, 913, 086, B, YC, 202, PX1, 001, HX5, 373, 503A, 122, 1R, P1A, 826, L700, A, PZ, L041 700 A1, 1C, OA, 1600, H-5, LY9B, 1000
PPG/Ditzler : 9000,9300
Dupont : , 99L, F0232, 99S, 47600, 88L, F0208, 99, 93-005, 88, 886-92264L, 995, 44, 99A
Acme/Rogers : 32603, 1724, 206, 75, 3000, 4950
Martin Senour : 22747, 23032, 36335, 38932, 8800, 23713
Sherwin Williams : 3069, 40423, 1738, 57727, 8800
RM/BASF : 16444, 10707, 12574, 1240, 17401, 12060, 15130, P403, 16408, A946
Glasurit : GM-0848, FI-601, GM-5118, VW-L041, GM-8555, RR-900, MAZ-900, 21-1240, FDU-1724, BMW-086
Autocolor : GM99, KE45, TE37B, TT59B, JF60, TT73B

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