2001 Mercury True Blue paint
This blue automotive paint color is most commonly known as True Blue. Another common paint color promotional name is Windsor Blue. The color formulation has been used between 2001 and 2013, primarily by Ford; but also by Lincoln, Nissan, and Mercury. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Ford Truck, F350, F550, F450, F250, Econoline, F150, LS8, Excursion, Town Car, Mustang, LS6, Escape, Expedition, Navigator, Explorer, Continental, Quest, Windstar, Ranger, Fiesta, F650, Ka, Focus, F750, Blackwood, and Lobo. See the full detailed list below.

The short make/year code for this paint on a Mercury in 2001, is L2. Careful when using this paint code along with the make and year to specify this paint since it is may not be unique. You can check the paint code here: L2. The longer Ford paint manufacturing code is M7023 or M7023A. Ford production paint codes starting with M are usually followed by a 4 digit number and the letter "A" indicating its an exterior paint. The same code ending in the letter "G" is common for interior paints. These longer manufacturing codes are useful for tracking paint usage.

Example of 2001 Mercury True Blue
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Usage list 2001 Mercury True Blue paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
2001FordL2True Blue
2001FordEconolineL2True Blue
2001FordF150L2True Blue
2001FordF250L2True Blue
2001FordF350L2True Blue
2001FordF450L2True Blue
2001FordF550L2True Blue
2001FordFord TruckL2True Bluealso van
2001FordMustangL2True Blue
2001LincolnContinentalL2True Blue
2001LincolnLincolnL2True BlueContinental, LS6, LS8, Town Car
2001LincolnLS6L2True Blue
2001LincolnLS8L2True Blue
2001LincolnTown CarL2True Blue
2001MercuryMercuryL2True BlueVillager
2001NissanBB,X3,L2,BX3Windsor BlueQuest Mini Van
2001NissanQuestBB,X3,L2,BX3Windsor BlueMini Van
2002FordL2True Bluealso M7029
2002FordL2True Blue
2002FordEconolineL2True Blue
2002FordEscapeL2True Blue
2002FordExcursionL2True Blue
2002FordExplorerL2True BlueExplorer Sport Trac
2002FordF150L2True Blue
2002FordF250L2True Blue
2002FordF350L2True Blue
2002FordF450L2True Blue
2002FordF550L2True Blue
2002FordFiestaL2True BlueIkon
2002FordFord TruckL2True BlueBlackwood Econoline Escape Excursion Explorer F-series Villager Windstar
2002FordKaL2True Blue
2002FordLoboL2True Blue
2002FordMustangL2True Bluealso M7029
2002FordRangerL2True Blue
2002FordWindstarL2True Blue
2002LincolnBlackwoodL2True Blue
2002LincolnContinentalL2True Blue
2002LincolnLincolnL2True BlueBlackwood Continental LS6 LS8 Town Car
2002LincolnLS6L2True Blue
2002LincolnLS8L2True Blue
2002LincolnTown CarL2True Blue
2002NissanL2,BX3,BB,X3True Bluealso PPG 5703, Quest Mini Van
2002NissanQuestL2,BX3,BB,X3True BlueMini Van
2003FordL2True Blue
2003FordL2True Blue
2003FordEconolineL2True Blue
2003FordEscapeL2True Blue
2003FordExcursionL2True Blue
2003FordExpeditionL2True Blue
2003FordExplorerL2True BlueExplorer Sport Trac
2003FordF150L2True Blue
2003FordF250L2True Blue
2003FordF350L2True Blue
2003FordF450L2True Blue
2003FordF550L2True Blue
2003FordFord TruckL2True BlueEconoline Escape Excursion Expedition Explorer F-series Windstar
2003FordMustangL2True Blue
2003FordWindstarL2True Blue
2003LincolnLincolnL2True BlueNavigator LS8 Town Car
2003LincolnLS8L2True Blue
2003LincolnNavigatorL2True Blue
2003LincolnTown CarL2True Blue
2004FordL2True Blue
2004FordEconolineL2True Blue
2004FordEscapeL2True Blue
2004FordExcursionL2True Blue
2004FordExpeditionL2True Blue
2004FordF150L2True Blue
2004FordF250L2True Blue
2004FordF350L2True Blue
2004FordF450L2True Blue
2004FordF550L2True Blue
2004FordF650L2True Blue
2004FordF750L2True Blue
2004FordFord TruckL2True BlueEconoline Escape Excursion Expedition F-series
2004LincolnLincolnL2True BlueLS6 LS8 Navigator Town Car
2004LincolnLS6L2True Blue
2004LincolnLS8L2True Blue
2004LincolnNavigatorL2True Blue
2004LincolnTown CarL2True Blue
2005FordL2True Blue
2005FordEconolineL2True Blue
2005FordExcursionL2True Blue
2005FordF150L2True Blue
2005FordF250L2True Blue
2005FordF350L2True Blue
2005FordF450L2True Blue
2005FordF550L2True Blue
2005FordFord TruckL2True BlueEconoline Excursion F-series
2006FordL2True Blue
2006FordEconolineL2True Blue
2006FordF150L2True Blue
2006FordF250L2True Blue
2006FordF350L2True Blue
2006FordF450L2True Blue
2006FordF550L2True Blue
2006FordFord TruckL2True BlueEconoline F-series
2007FordL2True Blue
2007FordF250L2True Blue
2007FordF350L2True Blue
2007FordF450L2True Blue
2007FordF550L2True Blue
2007FordFord TruckL2True BlueF-series
2008FordL2True Blue
2008FordF350L2True Blue
2008FordF450L2True Blue
2008FordF550L2True Blue
2008FordFord TruckL2True BlueF-series
2009FordL2True Blue
2009FordF350L2True Blue
2009FordF450L2True Blue
2009FordF550L2True Blue
2009FordFocusL2True Blue
2009FordFord TruckL2True BlueEscape
2010FordL2True Bluealso M7029
2012FordFord TruckL2True Bluesuper duty CC F-650/750
2013FordFord TruckL2True Bluesuper duty CC F-650/750

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Ford : M7023, M7029
Make/Year Code : L2
PPG/Ditzler : 5703
Dupont : M6620
Sherwin Williams : 60589

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