2002 Malibu Dark Tropic Teal paint
This blue automotive paint color is most commonly known as Dark Tropic Teal. The color formulation has been used between 2002 and 2005, primarily by Chevrolet; but also by Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GM, and Buick. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Venture, Chevy Truck, Montana, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Malibu, and Park Avenue. See the full detailed list below.

The short make/year code for this paint on a Chevrolet in 2002, is 37. Careful when using this paint code along with the make and year to specify this paint since it is may not be unique. You can check the paint code here: 37. The longer GM paint manufacturing code, sometimes called the "Fisher paint code", is WA765J. This longer manufacturing code is useful for tracking paint usage.

Example of 2002 Malibu Dark Tropic Teal
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Usage list 2002 Malibu Dark Tropic Teal paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
2002BuickBuick37Dark Tropic Tealalso WA765J, Park Avenue
2002BuickPark Avenue37Dark Tropic Tealalso WA765J
2002ChevroletChevrolet37Dark Tropic Teal
2002ChevroletChevy Truck37Dark Tropic TealVenture
2002ChevroletMalibu37Dark Tropic Teal
2002ChevroletVenture37Dark Tropic Teal
2002GM37Dark Tropic Teal
2002OldsmobileOldsmobile37Dark Tropic Teal
2002PontiacGrand Am37Dark Tropic Teal
2002PontiacGrand Prix37Dark Tropic Teal
2002PontiacMontana37Dark Tropic Teal
2002PontiacPontiac37Dark Tropic Teal
2003ChevroletChevrolet37Dark Tropic Teal
2003ChevroletChevy Truck37Dark Tropic TealVenture
2003ChevroletMalibu37Dark Tropic Teal
2003ChevroletVenture37Dark Tropic Teal
2003GM37Dark Tropic Teal
2003OldsmobileOldsmobile37Dark Tropic Teal
2003PontiacGrand Am37Dark Tropic Teal
2003PontiacGrand Prix37Dark Tropic Teal
2003PontiacMontana37Dark Tropic Teal
2003PontiacPontiac37Dark Tropic Teal
2004ChevroletChevy Truck37Dark Tropic TealVenture
2004ChevroletVenture37Dark Tropic Teal
2004GM37Dark Tropic Teal
2004OldsmobileOldsmobile37Dark Tropic Teal
2004PontiacGrand Am37Dark Tropic Teal
2004PontiacMontana37Dark Tropic Teal
2004PontiacPontiac37Dark Tropic Teal
2005ChevroletChevy Truck37Dark Tropic TealVenture
2005ChevroletVenture37Dark Tropic Teal

Paint Manufacturer Codes
GM(Fisher code) : WA765J
Make/Year Code : 37
PPG/Ditzler : 5834
Dupont : M6745
Sherwin Williams : 63530

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