2018 CTS Dark Adriatic Blue paint
This blue automotive paint color is most commonly known as Blue Velvet. Other common color promotional names include Dark Sapphire Blue, Dark Adriatic Blue, and Dark Adriatic. The color formulation has been used between 2015 and 2019, primarily by Chevrolet; but also by Cadillac, GMC, Buick, and GM. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Chevrolet, ATS, Cadillac, CTS, GMC, Impala, XTS, Chevy Truck, Escalade, Acadia, Suburban, Yukon, Terrain, Tahoe, Traverse, Buick, Equinox, CT6, Malibu, Enclave, Regal, LaCrosse, Verano, Camaro, Sonic, XT5, and Silverado. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint on a CTS in 2018, is G1M. The longer GM paint manufacturing code, sometimes called the "Fisher paint code", is WA410Y. This longer manufacturing code is useful for tracking paint usage.

Example of 2018 CTS Dark Adriatic Blue
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Usage list 2018 CTS Dark Adriatic Blue paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
2015BuickBuickG1MDark Sapphire BlueEnclave Regal Verano
2015BuickEnclaveG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2015BuickRegalG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2015BuickVeranoG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2015CadillacATSG1MDark Adriatic Blue
2015CadillacCadillacG1MDark Adriatic BlueATS CTS XTS
2015CadillacCTSG1MDark Adriatic Blue
2015CadillacXTSG1MDark Adriatic Blue
2015ChevroletCamaroG1MBlue Velvet
2015ChevroletChevroletG1MBlue VelvetCamaro Impala Sonic
2015ChevroletChevy TruckG1MBlue VelvetEquinox Traverse
2015ChevroletEquinoxG1MBlue Velvet
2015ChevroletImpalaG1MBlue Velvet
2015ChevroletSonicG1MBlue Velvet
2015ChevroletTraverseG1MBlue Velvet
2015GMG1MBlue Velvet
2015GMCAcadiaG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2015GMCGMCG1MDark Sapphire BlueAcadia Terrain
2015GMCTerrainG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2016BuickBuickG1MDark Sapphire BlueEnclave LaCrosse Regal Verano
2016BuickEnclaveG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2016BuickLaCrosseG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2016BuickRegalG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2016BuickVeranoG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2016CadillacATSG1MDark Adriatic Bluesedan coupe
2016CadillacCadillacG1MDark Adriatic BlueATS CT6 CTS
2016CadillacCT6G1MDark Adriatic Blue
2016CadillacCTSG1MDark Adriatic Bluesedan
2016CadillacXTSG1MDark Adriatic Blue
2016ChevroletCamaroG1MBlue Velvet
2016ChevroletChevroletG1MBlue VelvetCamaro Equinox Impala Malibu Silverado Sonic Traverse
2016ChevroletChevy TruckG1MBlue VelvetEquinox Silverado Traverse
2016ChevroletEquinoxG1MBlue Velvet
2016ChevroletImpalaG1MBlue Velvet
2016ChevroletMalibuG1MBlue Velvet
2016ChevroletSilveradoG1MBlue Velvet
2016ChevroletSonicG1MBlue Velvet
2016ChevroletTraverseG1MBlue Velvet
2016GMG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2016GMCAcadiaG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2016GMCGMCG1MDark Sapphire BlueAcadia Terrain
2016GMCTerrainG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2017BuickBuickG1MDark Sapphire Blueenclave lacrosse regal
2017BuickEnclaveG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2017BuickLaCrosseG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2017BuickRegalG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2017CadillacATSG1MDark Adriatic
2017CadillacCadillacG1MDark AdriaticATS CT6 CTS XT5 XTS Escalade
2017CadillacCT6G1MDark Adriatic
2017CadillacCTSG1MDark Adriatic
2017CadillacEscaladeG1MDark Adriatic
2017CadillacXT5G1MDark Adriatic
2017CadillacXTSG1MDark Adriatic
2017ChevroletChevroletG1MBlue VelvetEquinox Impala Malibu Suburban Tahoe Traverse
2017ChevroletChevy TruckG1MBlue VelvetEquinox Suburban Tahoe Traverse
2017ChevroletEquinoxG1MBlue Velvet
2017ChevroletImpalaG1MBlue Velvet
2017ChevroletMalibuG1MBlue Velvet
2017ChevroletSuburbanG1MBlue Velvet
2017ChevroletTahoeG1MBlue Velvet
2017ChevroletTraverseG1MBlue Velvet
2017GMG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2017GMCAcadiaG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2017GMCGMCG1MDark Sapphire BlueAcadia Terrain Yukon
2017GMCTerrainG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2017GMCYukonG1MDark Sapphire Blue
2018CadillacATSG1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic
2018CadillacCadillacG1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic, ATS CT6 CTS Escalade XTS
2018CadillacCT6G1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic
2018CadillacCTSG1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic
2018CadillacEscaladeG1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic
2018CadillacXTSG1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic
2018ChevroletChevroletG1MBlue Velvetmetallic, Impala Malibu Suburban Tahoe
2018ChevroletChevy TruckG1MBlue Velvetmetallic, Suburban Tahoe
2018ChevroletImpalaG1MBlue Velvetmetallic
2018ChevroletMalibuG1MBlue Velvetmetallic
2018ChevroletSuburbanG1MBlue Velvetmetallic
2018ChevroletTahoeG1MBlue Velvetmetallic
2018GMG1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic
2018GMCGMCG1MDark Sapphire Bluemetallic, Yukon
2018GMCYukonG1MDark Sapphire Bluemetallic
2019CadillacATSG1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic
2019CadillacCadillacG1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic, ATS CTS Escalade XTS
2019CadillacCTSG1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic
2019CadillacEscaladeG1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic
2019CadillacXTSG1MDark Adriatic Bluemetallic
2019ChevroletChevroletG1MBlue Velvetmetallic, Impala Suburban Tahoe
2019ChevroletChevy TruckG1MBlue Velvetmetallic, Suburban Tahoe
2019ChevroletImpalaG1MBlue Velvetmetallic
2019ChevroletSuburbanG1MBlue Velvetmetallic
2019ChevroletTahoeG1MBlue Velvetmetallic
2019GMG1MBlue Velvetmetallic
2019GMCGMCG1MDark Sapphire Bluemetallic, Yukon
2019GMCYukonG1MDark Sapphire Bluemetallic

Paint Manufacturer Codes
PPG/Ditzler : 934972
RM/BASF : 913449
Autocolor : 797TB

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