1934 GM Black paint
This black automotive paint color is most commonly known as simply 'Black'. The color formulation has been used between 1930 and 1937, primarily by Chevrolet. We have records of this color appearing only on the Chevrolet. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint in 1934, is 166.

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Usage list 1934 GM Black paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1930ChevroletChevrolet12Blackwheels IM357, molding IM357
1930ChevroletChevrolet28Blackwheels IM681, molding Shalimar Orange
1930ChevroletChevrolet60Blackwheels no info, molding IM936
1931ChevroletChevrolet63Blacklower, upper IM688, black wheels
1931ChevroletChevrolet68Blacklower, upper IM694, wheels black
1931ChevroletChevrolet70Blacklower, upper IM950, wheels black
1931ChevroletChevrolet71Blacklower, upper IM686, wheels black
1931ChevroletChevrolet76Blacklower, upper IM688, wheels Medium Cream
1931ChevroletChevrolet77Blacklower, upper black, wheels Aurora Red
1931ChevroletChevrolet80Blacklower, upper black, wheels Aurora Red
1931ChevroletChevrolet86Blacklower, upper IM704, wheels Medium Cream
1932ChevroletChevrolet101Blacklower, upper IM934, wheels 81806
1932ChevroletChevrolet102Blacklower & upper, wheel Aurora Red
1932ChevroletChevrolet105Blacklower & upper, wheels 81806
1932ChevroletChevrolet106Blacklower & upper, wheels Aurora Red
1932ChevroletChevrolet110,113Blackspring, lower, upper IM839, wheels Black
1932ChevroletChevrolet116Blackspring, lower, upper IM799, wheels Black
1932ChevroletChevrolet122BlackOct 32, wheels Orange
1932ChevroletChevrolet123,124BlackOct 32, upper, lower IM1241, wheels Black
1932ChevroletChevrolet125BlackOct 32, upper, lower IM810, wheels Black
1932ChevroletChevrolet89Blacklower & upper & wheels
1932ChevroletChevrolet90Blacklower, upper IM1237, wheels Saint Germain Red
1932ChevroletChevrolet91Blacklower, upper IM1051, wheels black
1932ChevroletChevrolet92Blacklower, upper IM934, wheels 81806
1932ChevroletChevrolet99Blacklower, upper IM713, wheels 81806
1933ChevroletChevrolet128Blackupper, lower IM505, wheels Black or Cream
1933ChevroletChevrolet131Blackupper & lower, wheels Black or Cream
1933ChevroletChevrolet132Blackupper & lower, wheels Black or Red
1933ChevroletChevrolet134Blackupper, lower IM900, wheels Black or Cream
1933ChevroletChevrolet136Blackupper, lower IM1230, wheels Black or Red
1933ChevroletChevrolet138Blackupper & lower, wheels Black
1933ChevroletChevrolet155Blackupper & lower, wheels Black or Vermillion
1934ChevroletChevrolet166Blackmolding black

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