1954 GM Omaha Orange paint
1954 paint by GM/Chevrolet with a promotional name of Omaha Orange. This orange automotive paint color is most commonly known as Omaha Orange. Another common paint color promotional name is Orange. The color formulation has been used between 1929 and 1983, primarily by Chevrolet; but also by GM, Chrysler, GMC, and Cincinnati Car Company. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Chevy Truck, Chevrolet Special Order / Fleet, and Chrysler Special Order / Fleet. See the full detailed list below.

The longer Chrysler paint manufacturing code, sometimes called the "Dodge Truck paint code" is DT5077. This longer manufacturing code is useful for tracking paint usage.

Example of 1954 GM Omaha Orange
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Usage list 1954 GM Omaha Orange paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1929FleetCincinnati Car CompanyOmaha Orange
1934ChevroletChevy Truck206Omaha Orange
1934GMCGMC206Omaha Orange
1935ChevroletChevy Truck206Omaha Orange
1936ChevroletChevy Truck262Omaha Orange
1937ChevroletChevy TruckOmaha Orange
1938ChevroletChevy Truck262Omaha Orange
1938ChevroletFleetOmaha Orangecommercial vehicles
1939ChevroletChevy Truck262Omaha Orange
1940ChevroletChevy Truck262Omaha Orange
1941ChevroletChevy Truck626,T220Omaha Orange
1942ChevroletChevy Truck262,T252Omaha Orange
1946ChevroletChevy Truck262,234FOmaha Orange234F combo
1947ChevroletChevy TruckOmaha Orange
1947ChevroletFleet361,262Omaha Orange
1948ChevroletChevy TruckOmaha Orange
1949ChevroletChevy TruckOmaha Orange
1950FleetOmaha OrangeDitzler Book
1950ChevroletChevy TruckOmaha Orange
1951ChevroletChevy TruckOmaha Orange
1951ChevroletFleetOmaha Orange
1952ChevroletChevy TruckOmaha Orange
1952ChevroletFleetOmaha Orange
1953ChevroletChevy TruckOmaha Orange
1953ChevroletFleetOmaha Orange
1954ChevroletChevy TruckOmaha Orange
1954ChevroletFleetOmaha Orange
1955ChevroletChevy TruckOmaha Orange
1956ChevroletChevy Truck730,742UOmaha Orange
1956GM730,742UOmaha Orange
1957ChevroletChevy Truck716,774Omaha Orange
1957GM716,774Omaha Orange
1958ChevroletChevy Truck716,774Omaha Orange
1958GM716,774Omaha Orange
1983ChryslerFleetDT5077OrangeDitzler PPG Form 8302

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Chrysler/Dodge : DT5077
Make/Year Code : 206, T252, 626, 361, 262, 234F, 716, 774, 730, T220, 742U, DT5077
PPG/Ditzler : 60001
Dupont : 246-6276, 31, 93-082
Martin Senour : 116, 10774
Sherwin Williams : 2492

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