1959 Diamond T Armour Yellow paint
1959 paint by Diamond T with a promotional name of Armour Yellow. This yellow orange automotive paint color is most commonly known as Armour Yellow. Other common color promotional names include Yellow and Molane Yellow. The color formulation has been used between 1935 and 1974, primarily by Chevrolet; but also by Diamond T, Reo, and Ford. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Chevy Truck, Diamond T Truck, Chevrolet Special Order / Fleet, Ford Special Order / Fleet, and Reo Truck. See the full detailed list below.

The longer Ford paint manufacturing code is MX708451. Ford paint codes starting with MX are usually older (pre 1970) special order paints that have been matched to popular paints from other manufacturers such as GM or Chrysler. This longer manufacturing code is useful for tracking paint usage.

Example of 1959 Diamond T Armour Yellow
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Usage list 1959 Diamond T Armour Yellow paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1935ChevroletChevy Truck258Armour Yellow
1935ChevroletChevy Truck258Armour Yellow
1936ChevroletChevy Truck312Armour Yellow
1936ChevroletFleet312Armour Yellowcommercial vehicles
1937ChevroletChevy TruckArmour Yellow
1938ChevroletChevy Truck312Armour Yellow
1938ChevroletFleetArmour Yellowcommercial vehicles
1939ChevroletChevy Truck312Armour Yellow
1940ChevroletChevy Truck312Armour Yellow
1941ChevroletChevy Truck312,T312Armour Yellow
1942ChevroletChevy Truck312,T205Armour Yellow
1946ChevroletChevy Truck312,234BArmour Yellow234B combo
1947ChevroletFleet358,312Armour Yellow
1948ChevroletChevy TruckArmour Yellow
1949ChevroletChevy TruckArmour Yellow
1950ChevroletChevy TruckArmour Yellow
1952ChevroletChevy TruckArmour Yellow
1955Diamond TTruckArmour Yellow
1956Diamond TTruckArmour Yellow
1957Diamond TTruckArmour Yellow
1958Diamond TTruckArmour Yellow
1959Diamond TTruckArmour Yellow
1960Diamond TTruckArmour Yellow
1964FordFleetMX708451YellowDupont form A-33538-20M-12-63
1969FleetYellowDupont Fleet Book
1974Diamond TTruckRMS-45-902Molane YellowDupont Cross Ref guide
1974ReoTruckRMS-45-902Molane YellowDupont Cross Ref guide

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Ford : MX708451
Make/Year Code : T312, T205, MX708451, 258, 358, 234B, 312, RMS-45-902
PPG/Ditzler : 80089,QDE324
Dupont : 448, 93-1977, 246-51979, 443, 246-51978, 93-3421
Martin Senour : 114
Sherwin Williams : 6853

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