1980 Mazda Brilliant Black paint
This black automotive paint color is most commonly known as Brilliant Black. The color formulation has been used between 1980 and 2017, primarily by Mazda. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint in 1980, is PZ.

Example of 1980 Mazda Brilliant Black
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Usage list 1980 Mazda Brilliant Black paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1980MazdaPZBrilliant BlackRX7
1981MazdaPZBrilliant BlackRX7
1982MazdaPZBrilliant BlackRX7
1990MazdaPZ,HBBrilliant Black323 626 929 MPV MX6 RX7 Truck
1991MazdaPZBrilliant Black323 626 929 MPV MX6 RX7 Truck
1992MazdaPZBrilliant Black323 626 Miata MX3 MX6 Protege RX7 Truck
1993MazdaPZ,PXBrilliant Black323 626 Miata MX3 MX6 Protege RX7 Truck
1994MazdaPZ,PXBrilliant Black626 Miata MX3 MX6 Protege RX7
1996MazdaPZ,HXBrilliant BlackMiata Millenia MX3 RX7
1997MazdaPZBrilliant BlackMiata Millenia Protege
1998MazdaPZBrilliant BlackMiata Millenia Protege
1999MazdaPZ,A3FBrilliant BlackMiata Millenia
2000MazdaPZ,A3FBrilliant BlackMiata Millenia
2001MazdaA3F,PZBrilliant BlackMiata Millenia
2002MazdaA3F,PZBrilliant BlackMiata Millenia
2003MazdaA3F,PZBrilliant BlackMiata
2004MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackMiata RX-8
2005MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackRX-8
2006MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackMazda-5 MPV MX-5 RX-8
2007MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackCX-7 Mazda-5 MX-5 RX-8
2008MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackCX7 CX9 Mazda-5 MX-5 RX-8
2009MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackCX7 CX9 Mazda-5 MX-5 RX-8
2010MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackCX-7 CX-9 Mazda-5 MX-5-Miata
2011MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackCX-7 CX-9 Mazda-2 Mazda-5 MX-5-Miata
2012MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackCX7 CX9 M2 M5 MX-5 Miata
2013MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackCX9 M2 MX-5 Miata
2014MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackMX-5 Miata
2015MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackMX5 Miata Mazda2
2016MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackMX5
2017MazdaA3FBrilliant BlackMX5

Paint Manufacturer Codes
PPG/Ditzler : 9813
Dupont : F0225, 99, 45034
Acme/Rogers : 31029
Martin Senour : 22747
RM/BASF : 246732, 10707
Glasurit : MAZ-900

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