1981 AMC Olympic White paint
This white automotive paint color is most commonly known as Olympic White. The color formulation has been used between 1979 and 1987, primarily by AMC; but also by Jeep, Eagle, and Renault. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Jeep, Eagle, Concord, Spirit, and Pacer. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint in 1981, is 9B.

Example of 1981 AMC Olympic White
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Examples of paint code 1981 AMC Olympic White (click on image for larger/detailed view)

Usage list 1981 AMC Olympic White paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1979AMC9BOlympic White
1979AMCConcord9BOlympic White
1979AMCPacer9BOlympic White
1979AMCSpirit9BOlympic White
1979JeepJeep9BOlympic White
1980AMC9BOlympic White
1980AMCConcord9BOlympic White
1980AMCPacer9BOlympic White
1980AMCSpirit9BOlympic White
1980EagleEagle9BOlympic White
1980JeepJeep9BOlympic White
1981AMC9BOlympic White
1981AMCConcord9BOlympic White
1981AMCSpirit9BOlympic White
1981EagleEagle9BOlympic White
1981JeepJeep9BOlympic White
1982AMC9BOlympic White
1982AMCConcord9BOlympic White
1982AMCSpirit9BOlympic White
1982EagleEagle9BOlympic White
1982JeepJeep9BOlympic White
1982Renault814,9BOlympic White
1983AMC9BOlympic White
1983AMCConcord9BOlympic White
1983EagleEagle9BOlympic White
1983JeepJeep9BOlympic White
1983Renault9BOlympic White
1984AMC9BOlympic White
1984EagleEagle9BOlympic White
1984JeepJeep9BOlympic White
1984Renault9BOlympic White
1985AMC9BOlympic Whitealso ppg 3107, also alliance and encore
1985EagleEagle9BOlympic Whitealso ppg 3107, also alliance and encore
1985JeepJeep9BOlympic Whitealso ppg 3107, also alliance and encore
1985Renault9BOlympic Whitealso ppg 3107, Alliance Encore
1986AMC9BOlympic Whitealso alliance, encore
1986EagleEagle9BOlympic White
1986JeepJeep9BOlympic Whitenon-clearcoat, ACME 34734 clearcoat
1986Renault9BOlympic WhiteAlliance Encore
1987AMC9BOlympic Whitealso alliance, encore
1987EagleEagle9BOlympic White
1987JeepJeep9BOlympic White
1987Renault9BOlympic WhiteAlliance Encore

Paint Manufacturer Codes
PPG/Ditzler : 3107
Dupont : 45701D, 45701L, 45701, 45701A
Acme/Rogers : 30146
RM/BASF : 9867
Glasurit : AMC-110
Autocolor : GF33

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