1994 Honda Granada Black paint
This black automotive paint color is most commonly known as Granada Black. Other common color promotional names include Black Burn, Blackburn, Montego Black, and Granada Black Pearl. The color formulation has been used between 1982 and 1997, primarily by Honda; but also by Acura and Porsche. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Civic, Integra, Acura, Prelude, Accord, Legend, del Sol, and Vigor. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint in 1994, is NH503P.

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Usage list 1994 Honda Granada Black paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1982HondaNH80MBlack Burnalso Blackburn, also Porcsche Montego Black Dupont H8291
1983HondaNH80MBlack BurnCivic
1984PorscheLY9VMontego Black
1985HondaNH80MBlack BurnCivic
1986HondaNH503PGranada BlackPrelude
1987HondaNH503PGranada BlackPrelude
1988HondaNH503PGranada BlackAccord Legend Prelude
1989HondaNH503PGranada BlackAccord Legend Prelude
1990HondaNH503PGranada BlackAccord Legend Prelude
1991HondaNH503PGranada Black PearlAccord Legend Prelude
1992HondaNH503PGranada BlackAccord Legend Prelude Vigor
1993HondaNH503PGranada BlackAccord Civic Integra Legend Prelude Vigor
1994AcuraAcuraNH503PGranada BlackLegend Vigor
1994AcuraLegendNH503PGranada Black
1994AcuraVigorNH503PGranada Black
1994HondaNH503PGranada BlackAccord Civic Integra Legend Prelude Vigor
1994HondaAccordNH503PGranada Black
1994HondaCivicNH503PGranada Black
1994HondaIntegraNH503PGranada Black
1994HondaPreludeNH503PGranada Black
1995AcuraAcuraNH503PGranada BlackLegend
1995AcuraLegendNH503PGranada Black
1995HondaNH503PGranada BlackAccord Civic Integra Legend Prelude
1995HondaAccordNH503PGranada Black
1995HondaCivicNH503PGranada Black
1995HondaIntegraNH503PGranada Black
1995HondaPreludeNH503PGranada Black
1996AcuraAcuraNH503PGranada BlackLegend
1996AcuraLegendNH503PGranada Black
1996HondaNH503PGranada BlackAccord Civic Integra Legend Prelude
1996HondaAccordNH503PGranada Black
1996HondaCivicNH503PGranada Black
1996HondaIntegraNH503PGranada Black
1996HondaPreludeNH503PGranada Black
1997HondaNH503PGranada BlackCivic Delsol Integra
1997HondaCivicNH503PGranada Black
1997Hondadel SolNH503PGranada Black
1997HondaIntegraNH503PGranada Black

Paint Manufacturer Codes
PPG/Ditzler : 9495
Dupont : H8291, N8113, K8693
Martin Senour : 23147
Sherwin Williams : 35788
RM/BASF : 16322

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