1994 Honda Milano Red paint
This red automotive paint color is most commonly known as Milano Red. The color formulation has been used between 1992 and 2019, primarily by Honda; but also by Acura. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Civic, Acura, Fit, Integra, TSX, CRZ, Prelude, HRV, RSX, Insight, Jazz, CRV, Legend, Accord, and del Sol. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint in 1994, is R81.

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Usage list 1994 Honda Milano Red paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1992HondaR81Milano Redbase/top coat, Civic
1992HondaR81Milano Redbase/top coat, Integra Legend Prelude
1992HondaR81-4Milano Redbase/top coat, Canada, Civic
1993HondaR81Milano Redbase/top coat, also code R81-C, Integra Legend Prelude
1993HondaR81-3Milano RedUSA, Accord Civic
1993HondaR81-4Milano Redbase/top coat, Canada, Civic
1993HondaR81-SMilano Redbase/top coat, Civic
1994AcuraAcuraR81Milano RedLegend
1994AcuraLegendR81Milano Redbase/top coat also code R81-S
1994HondaR81Milano Redbase/top coat, also code R81-S, Civic Integra Legend
1994HondaR81-3Milano RedUSA, also code R81-5, Civic
1994HondaR81-4Milano Redbase/top coat, Canada, Civic
1994HondaR81-CMilano Redbase/top coat, Accord Prelude
1994HondaAccordR81-CMilano Redbase/top coat
1994HondaCivicR81Milano Redbase/top coat also code R81-S
1994HondaCivicR81-3Milano RedUSA also code R81-5
1994HondaCivicR81-4Milano Redbase/top coat Canada
1994HondaIntegraR81Milano Redbase/top coat also code R81-S
1994HondaPreludeR81-CMilano Redbase/top coat
1995AcuraAcuraR81Milano RedLegend
1995AcuraLegendR81Milano Redbase/top coat
1995HondaR81Milano Redbase/top coat, Civic Integra Legend Prelude
1995HondaR81-3Milano RedUSA, Civic
1995HondaR81-4Milano Redbase/top coat, Canada, Civic
1995HondaCivicR81Milano Redbase/top coat
1995HondaCivicR81-3Milano RedUSA
1995HondaCivicR81-4Milano Redbase/top coat, Canada
1995HondaIntegraR81Milano Redbase/top coat
1995HondaPreludeR81Milano Redbase/top coat
1996HondaR81Milano Redbase/top coat, Civic Integra Prelude
1996HondaR81-3Milano RedUSA, Civic
1996HondaR81-4Milano Redbase/top coat, Canada, Civic
1996HondaCivicR81Milano Redbase/top coat
1996HondaCivicR81-3Milano RedUSA
1996HondaCivicR81-4Milano Redbase/top coat, Canada
1996HondaIntegraR81Milano Redbase/top coat
1996HondaPreludeR81Milano Redbase/top coat
1997HondaR81Milano Redbase/top coat, Civic Delsol Integra
1997HondaR81-3Milano RedUSA, Civic
1997HondaCivicR81Milano Redbase/top coat
1997HondaCivicR81-3Milano RedUSA
1997Hondadel SolR81Milano Redbase/top coat
1997HondaIntegraR81Milano Redbase/top coat
1998HondaR81Milano Redbase/top coat, Integra
1998HondaR81-3Milano RedUSA, Civic
1998HondaCivicR81-3Milano RedUSA
1998HondaIntegraR81Milano Redbase/top coat
1999HondaR81Milano Redbase/top coat, Integra
1999HondaR81-3Milano RedUSA, CRV
1999HondaIntegraR81Milano Redbase/top coat
2000HondaR81Milano RedCRV Integra Prelude
2000HondaR81-LMilano RedUSA, Civic
2000HondaCivicR81-LMilano RedUSA
2000HondaCRVR81Milano Red
2000HondaIntegraR81Milano Red
2000HondaPreludeR81Milano Red
2001HondaR81Milano RedCRV Integra Prelude
2001HondaCRVR81Milano Red
2001HondaIntegraR81Milano Red
2001HondaPreludeR81Milano Red
2002HondaR81Milano RedCRV Integra Prelude
2002HondaCRVR81Milano Red
2002HondaIntegraR81Milano Red
2002HondaPreludeR81Milano Red
2003AcuraAcuraR81Milano RedRSX
2003AcuraRSXR81Milano Red
2003HondaR81-UMilano RedEngland, Civic
2003HondaCivicR81-UMilano RedEngland
2004AcuraAcuraR81Milano RedRSX TSX
2004AcuraRSXR81Milano Red
2004AcuraTSXR81Milano Red
2005AcuraAcuraR81-CMilano Red3 coat, TSX
2005AcuraAcuraR81-SMilano Red3 coat, RSX
2005AcuraRSXR81-SMilano Red3 coat
2005AcuraTSXR81-CMilano Red3 coat
2006AcuraAcuraR81-CMilano RedTSX
2006AcuraAcuraR81-SMilano RedRSX
2006AcuraRSXR81-SMilano Red
2006AcuraTSXR81-CMilano Red
2007AcuraAcuraR81-CMilano RedTSX
2007AcuraTSXR81-CMilano Red
2007HondaR81-SMilano RedFit
2007HondaFitR81-SMilano Red
2008AcuraAcuraR81-CMilano RedTSX
2008AcuraTSXR81-CMilano Red
2008HondaR81-SMilano RedFit
2008HondaFitR81-SMilano Red
2009HondaR81-SMilano RedFit
2009HondaFitR81-SMilano Red
2010HondaR81-SMilano RedFit
2010HondaFitR81-SMilano Red
2011HondaR81-SMilano RedCRZ Fit
2011HondaCRZR81-SMilano Red
2011HondaFitR81-SMilano Red
2012AcuraAcuraR81-CMilano RedTSX
2012AcuraTSXR81-CMilano Red
2012HondaR81-SMilano RedCRZ Fit Insight
2012HondaCRZR81-SMilano Red
2012HondaFitR81-SMilano Red
2012HondaInsightR81-SMilano Red
2012HondaJazzR81Milano Red
2013AcuraAcuraR81-CMilano RedTSX
2013AcuraTSXR81-CMilano Red
2013HondaR81-SMilano RedCRZ Fit Insight
2013HondaCRZR81-SMilano Red
2013HondaFitR81-SMilano Red
2013HondaInsightR81-SMilano Red
2014AcuraAcuraR81-CMilano RedTSX
2014AcuraTSXR81-CMilano Red
2014HondaR81-SMilano RedCRZ Fit Insight
2014HondaCRZR81-SMilano Red
2014HondaFitR81-SMilano Red
2014HondaInsightR81-SMilano Red
2014HondaJazzR81Milano RedUK
2015HondaR81-SMilano RedCRZ Fit HRV Jazz
2015HondaCRZR81-SMilano Red
2015HondaFitR81-SMilano Red
2015HondaHRVR81-SMilano Red
2015HondaJazzR81-SMilano Red
2016HondaR81-C,MMilano Redbase/top coat, HRV Fit
2016HondaR81-SMilano RedCRZ
2016HondaCRZR81-SMilano Red
2016HondaFitR81-C,MMilano Redbase/top coat
2016HondaHRVR81-C,MMilano Redbase/top coat
2017HondaR81Milano Redbase/top coat, Fit
2017HondaFitR81Milano Redbase/top coat
2018HondaFitR81Milano Redbase/top coat
2018HondaHRVR81Milano Redbase/top coat
2019HondaFitR81Milano Redbase/top coat
2019HondaHRVR81Milano Redbase/top coat

Paint Manufacturer Codes
PPG/Ditzler : 4627,4628
Dupont : W9510, W9952
Sherwin Williams : 46552
RM/BASF : 22201

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