2001 Porsche Guards Red paint
This red automotive paint color is most commonly known as Guards Red. Other common color promotional names include India Red, Indischrot, Indian Red, and Guard Red. The color formulation has been used between 1973 and 2004, primarily by Porsche; but also by Volkswagen. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Boxster, 911, and Carrera. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint in 2001, is 80K,84A.

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Usage list 2001 Porsche Guards Red paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1973Porsche027Indian Redalso Import
1975Porsche027India Red
1976Porsche027India Red
1977Porsche027India Red
1978Porsche027India Red
1979Porsche027Guards Redalso Indian Red
1980Porsche027Guard Red
1981PorscheLM3AGuards Redalso L027
1982PorscheLM3AGuards Red
1983PorscheLM3AGuards Red
1984PorscheLM3A,G8G1,027Guards Redalso India Red
1985Porsche027,LM3AGuards Red
1986PorscheL027Guards Red
1987PorscheLM3A,L027Guards Red
1988PorscheLM3A L027 G1Guards Red
1988VolkswagenLM3AGuards Red
1989PorscheLM3A L027 G1Guards Red
1990PorscheLM3A L027 L80K G1 G8Guards Red911 928
1991PorscheLM3A L027 L80K G1 G8Guards Red911 928 944
1992PorscheLM3A L027 L80K G1 G8Guards Red911 968
1993PorscheLM3A L027 L80K G1 G8Guards Red911 928 968, also Indian Red
1994PorscheLM3A L027 L80K G1 G8Guards Redalso India Red
1995PorscheLM3A,L027Guards Redalso 80K G1 G8 25
1996PorscheLM3A,L80KGuards Red
1997PorscheLM3A,L80KGuards Red
1998PorscheLM3A,L80K,G1,G8,25,0Guards Red
1999PorscheLM3A,L80K,G1Guards Red
2000Porsche80K,84AGuards Red
2000Porsche91180K,84AGuards Red
2000PorscheBoxster80K,84AGuards Red
2000PorscheCarrera80K,84AGuards Red
2001Porsche80K,84AGuards Red
2001Porsche91180K,84AGuards Red
2001PorscheBoxster80K,84AGuards Red
2002Porsche80K,84A,M3AGuards Red
2002Porsche91180K,84A,M3AGuards Red
2002PorscheBoxster80K,84A,M3AGuards Red
2003Porsche80KGuards Red
2003Porsche84AIndia Red
2003Porsche91180KGuards Red
2003PorscheBoxster84AGuards Red
2004Porsche80K,84AGuards Red
2004PorscheBoxster80K,84AGuards Red

Paint Manufacturer Codes
PPG/Ditzler : 72060
Dupont : 42715
Acme/Rogers : 91557
Martin Senour : 21917
Sherwin Williams : 6289, 43657
RM/BASF : 7878
Glasurit : POR-027, VW-LM3A
Autocolor : AA89

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