2002 Mitsubishi Summit White paint
2002 paint by Mitsubishi with a promotional name of Summit White. This white automotive paint color is most commonly known as Sophia White. Other common color promotional names include Summit White, Silk White, and White. The color formulation has been used between 1988 and 2004, primarily by Dodge; but also by Mitsubishi, Eagle, Chrysler, and Proton. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Colt, Summit, Vista, Conquest, and Intrepid. See the full detailed list below.

The short make/year code for this paint on a Mitsubishi in 2002, is W09. Careful when using this paint code along with the make and year to specify this paint since it is may not be unique. You can check the paint code here: W09. The longer Chrysler paint manufacturing code, sometimes called the "Dodge Truck paint code" is AC10809. This longer manufacturing code is useful for tracking paint usage.

Example of 2002 Mitsubishi Summit White
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Usage list 2002 Mitsubishi Summit White paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
WhitePPG/Dupont Cross-Ref 1990
1988ChryslerW09,PW4Sophia Whiteconquest, import truck
1988ChryslerConquestW09,PW4Sophia White
1988DodgeColtW09,PW4Sophia White
1988DodgeDodgeW09,PW4Sophia Whitecolt
1989ChryslerW09,PW4Sophia Whiteconquest, import truck
1989ChryslerConquestW09,PW4Sophia White
1989DodgeColtW09,PW4Sophia Whitealso colt vista wagon
1989DodgeDodgeW09,PW4Sophia Whitecolt, colt vista wagon
1989DodgeVistaW09,PW4Sophia Whitecolt vista wagon
1989EagleEagleW09,PW4Sophia Whitesummit
1989EagleSummitW09,PW4Sophia White
1989MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteCordia Galant Mirage Montero Sigma Starion Tredia Truck Van/Wagon
1990DodgeColtW09,PW4Sophia White
1990DodgeDodgeW09,PW4Sophia Whitecolt
1990EagleEagleW09,PW4Sophia Whitesummit
1990EagleSummitW09,PW4Sophia White
1990MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteGalant Mirage Montero Truck Van/Wagon
1990ProtonW09,10809Silk White
1991ChryslerW09,PW4Sophia Whiteimport truck
1991DodgeColtW09,PW4Sophia White
1991DodgeDodgeW09,PW4Sophia WhiteColt
1991MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteGalant Mirage Montero Truck
1991ProtonW09,10809Silk White
1992DodgeColtW09,PW4Sophia White
1992DodgeDodgeW09,PW4Sophia WhiteColt Vista
1992DodgeVistaW09,PW4Sophia White
1992EagleEagleW09,PW4Sophia WhiteSummit
1992EagleSummitW09,PW4Sophia White
1992MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteExpo Galant Mirage Montero Truck
1992ProtonW09,10809Silk White
1993DodgeColtW09,PW4Sophia Whitecolt vista
1993DodgeDodgeW09,PW4Sophia Whitecolt vista
1993DodgeVistaW09,PW4Sophia Whitecolt vista
1993EagleEagleW09,PW4Sophia Whitesummit wagon
1993EagleSummitW09,PW4Sophia Whitewagon
1993MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteExpo Galant Mirage Montero Truck
1994ChryslerW09,PW4Sophia WhiteImport, also White, colt eagle-summit vista-wagon
1994DodgeColtW09,PW4Sophia Whitealso White, colt vista
1994DodgeColtW09,PW4Sophia White
1994DodgeDodgeW09,PW4Sophia Whitealso White, colt vista
1994DodgeDodgeW09,PW4Sophia Whitecolt
1994DodgeVistaW09,PW4Sophia Whitealso White, colt vista
1994EagleEagleW09,PW4Sophia Whitealso White, summit wagon
1994EagleEagleW09,PW4Sophia Whitesummit wagon
1994EagleSummitW09,PW4Sophia Whitealso White, wagon
1994EagleSummitW09,PW4Sophia Whitewagon
1994MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteExpo Montero
1995MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteMontero
1996ChryslerW09,PW4Sophia Whiteimport, Summit Vista
1996DodgeColtW09,PW4Sophia Whitevista wagon
1996DodgeDodgeW09,PW4Sophia Whitecolt vista wagon
1996DodgeIntrepidW09,PW4Sophia White
1996DodgeVistaW09,PW4Sophia Whitewagon
1996MitsubishiW09,136Summit WhiteExpo Montero
1997MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteMontero
1998MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteMontero
1999MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteMontero, also code W0H two-tone with A69 Munich Silver on Montero
2000MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteMontero, also code W0H two-tone on A69 Munich Silver on Montero
2001MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteMontero, code WOU with A69 Munich Silver lower Montero
2002MitsubishiW09Summit WhiteMontero-Sport
2003MitsubishiW09,PW4Summit WhiteMontero-Sport
2004MitsubishiW09Summit WhiteMontero-Sport

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Chrysler/Dodge : AC10809
Make/Year Code : PW4, 136, 10809, W09
PPG/Ditzler : 90557
Dupont : H8937
RM/BASF : 18541, 23795
Glasurit : CUS-W09, MIT-136
Autocolor : YG32

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