2004 Alfa-Romeo Grigio Lipari paint
This gray automotive paint color is most commonly known as Grigio Lipari. The color formulation has been used between 2004 and 2008, primarily by Alfa-Romeo. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: 147, Crosswagon, 156 SW, 156, and GT. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint in 2004, is 639A.

Example of 2004 Alfa-Romeo Grigio Lipari
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Usage list 2004 Alfa-Romeo Grigio Lipari paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
2004Alfa-Romeo639AGrigio Liparimetallic, 147 156 156 SW Crosswagon GT
2004Alfa-Romeo147639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2004Alfa-Romeo156639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2004Alfa-Romeo156 SW639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2004Alfa-RomeoCrosswagon639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2004Alfa-RomeoGT639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2005Alfa-Romeo639AGrigio Liparimetallic, 147, 156, 156 SW, Crosswagon, GT
2005Alfa-Romeo147639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2005Alfa-Romeo156639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2005Alfa-Romeo156 SW639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2005Alfa-RomeoCrosswagon639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2005Alfa-RomeoGT639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2006Alfa-Romeo639AGrigio Liparimetallic, 147, 156, 156 SW, Crosswagon, GT
2006Alfa-Romeo147639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2006Alfa-Romeo156639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2006Alfa-Romeo156 SW639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2006Alfa-RomeoCrosswagon639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2006Alfa-RomeoGT639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2007Alfa-Romeo639AGrigio Liparimetallic, 147, 156, 156 SW, Crosswagon, GT
2007Alfa-Romeo147639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2007Alfa-Romeo156639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2007Alfa-Romeo156 SW639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2007Alfa-RomeoCrosswagon639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2007Alfa-RomeoGT639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2008Alfa-Romeo639AGrigio Liparimetallic, 147, 156, 156 SW, Crosswagon, GT
2008Alfa-Romeo147639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2008Alfa-Romeo156639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2008Alfa-Romeo156 SW639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2008Alfa-RomeoCrosswagon639AGrigio Liparimetallic
2008Alfa-RomeoGT639AGrigio Liparimetallic

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