2012 GM Mocha Steel paint
This brown automotive paint color is most commonly known as Mocha Steel. Another common paint color promotional name is Magna Steel. The color formulation has been used between 2010 and 2014, primarily by GM. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: GMC, Escalade, Yukon, Cadillac, Chevy Truck, Chevrolet, LaCrosse, Suburban, Terrain, Tahoe, Buick, Equinox, Malibu, SRX, Silverado, CTS, Sierra, Allure, Captiva, Aveo, Pontiac, HHR, Hummer, and G6. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint in 2012, is GHA. The longer GM paint manufacturing code, sometimes called the "Fisher paint code", is WA706S. This longer manufacturing code is useful for tracking paint usage.

Example of 2012 GM Mocha Steel
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Usage list 2012 GM Mocha Steel paint (more information)
yearmanufmodelcodepaint namecomment
2010GMGHAMagna Steel
2010GMAllureGHAMagna Steel
2010GMBuickGHAMagna SteelAllure,LaCrosse
2010GMChevroletGHAMagna SteelEquinox, Malibu
2010GMEquinoxGHAMagna Steel
2010GMG6GHAMagna Steel
2010GMGMCGHAMocha SteelTerrain
2010GMHummerGHAMagna SteelH3-G
2010GMLaCrosseGHAMagna Steel
2010GMMalibuGHAMagna Steel
2010GMPontiacGHAMagna SteelG6
2010GMTerrainGHAMocha Steel
2011GMGHAMagna Steel
2011GMAveoGHAMagna Steel
2011GMBuickGHAMagna SteelLaCrosse
2011GMCadillacGHAMocha SteelEscalade, SRX
2011GMChevroletGHAMagna SteelAveo, Equinox, Malibu
2011GMChevy TruckGHAMocha SteelEquinox, HHR, Suburban, Tahoe
2011GMEquinoxGHAMagna Steel
2011GMEscaladeGHAMocha Steel
2011GMGMCGHAMocha SteelTerrain, Yukon
2011GMHHRGHAMocha Steel
2011GMLaCrosseGHAMagna Steel
2011GMMalibuGHAMagna Steel
2011GMSRXGHAMocha Steel
2011GMSuburbanGHAMocha Steel
2011GMTahoeGHAMocha Steel
2011GMTerrainGHAMocha Steel
2011GMYukonGHAMocha Steel
2012GMGHAMagna Steelalso Mocha Steel
2012GMBuickGHAMagna Steelalso Mocha Steel, LaCrosse
2012GMCadillacGHAMocha SteelCTS, Escalade, SRX
2012GMCaptivaGHAMocha Steel
2012GMChevroletGHAMagna Steelalso Mocha Steel
2012GMChevy TruckGHAMocha SteelEquinox, Silverado
2012GMCTSGHAMocha Steel
2012GMEquinoxGHAMocha Steel
2012GMEscaladeGHAMocha Steel
2012GMGMCGHAMocha SteelSierra, Terrain, Yukon
2012GMLaCrosseGHAMagna Steelalso Mocha Steel
2012GMMalibuGHAMocha Steel
2012GMSierraGHAMocha Steel
2012GMSilveradoGHAMocha Steel
2012GMSRXGHAMocha Steel
2012GMTerrainGHAMocha Steel
2012GMYukonGHAMocha Steel
2013GMGHAMagna Steel
2013GMCadillacGHAMocha SteelEscalade
2013GMChevy TruckGHAMocha SteelTahoe Suburban Silverado
2013GMEscaladeGHAMocha Steel
2013GMGMCGHAMocha SteelSierra Yukon
2013GMSierraGHAMocha Steel
2013GMSilveradoGHAMocha Steel
2013GMSuburbanGHAMocha Steel
2013GMTahoeGHAMocha Steel
2013GMYukonGHAMocha Steel
2014GMGHAMocha Steel
2014GMCadillacGHAMocha SteelCTS-V Escalade
2014GMChevy TruckGHAMocha SteelSuburban Tahoe
2014GMCTSGHAMocha Steel
2014GMEscaladeGHAMocha Steel
2014GMGMCGHAMocha SteelYukon
2014GMSuburbanGHAMocha Steel
2014GMTahoeGHAMocha Steel
2014GMYukonGHAMocha Steel

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