2013 Ford Ruby Red paint
This red automotive paint color is most commonly known as Ruby Red. The color formulation has been used between 2012 and 2019, primarily by Ford; but also by Lincoln. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Escape, Mustang, Lincoln, Ford Truck, F250, Expedition, Navigator, MKZ, Explorer, F350, F550, Edge, MKT, F450, MKX, Fusion, F150, Taurus, Flex, MKS, C-Max, Focus, MKC, Fiesta, EcoSport, Continental, Mark-LT, Mark-TT, and Festiva. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint in 2013, is RR. The longer Ford paint manufacturing code is M7283 or M7283A. Ford production paint codes starting with M are usually followed by a 4 digit number and the letter "A" indicating its an exterior paint. The same code ending in the letter "G" is common for interior paints. These longer manufacturing codes are useful for tracking paint usage.

Example of 2013 Ford Ruby Red
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Usage list 2013 Ford Ruby Red paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
2012FordRRRuby Red
2012FordEscapeRRRuby Red
2013FordRRRuby Redmost models
2013FordC-MaxRRRuby Red
2013FordEdgeRRRuby Red
2013FordEscapeRRRuby Red
2013FordExpeditionRRRuby Red
2013FordExplorerRRRuby Red
2013FordF150RRRuby Red
2013FordF250RRRuby Red
2013FordF350RRRuby Red
2013FordF450RRRuby Red
2013FordF550RRRuby Red
2013FordFiestaRRRuby Red
2013FordFlexRRRuby Red
2013FordFocusRRRuby Red
2013FordFord TruckRRRuby RedF150, super duty pickups, super duty CC F-350/450/550, escape, explorer, expedition
2013FordFusionRRRuby Red
2013FordTaurusRRRuby Red
2013LincolnLincolnRRRuby RedMKS MKT MKX MKZ MarkLT Navigator
2013LincolnMark-LTRRRuby Red
2013LincolnMKSRRRuby Red
2013LincolnMKTRRRuby Red
2013LincolnMKXRRRuby Red
2013LincolnMKZRRRuby Red
2013LincolnNavigatorRRRuby Red
2014FordRRRuby RedC-Max Edge Fiesta Flex Focus Fusion Mustang Taurus
2014FordC-MaxRRRuby Red
2014FordEdgeRRRuby Red
2014FordEscapeRRRuby Red
2014FordExpeditionRRRuby Red
2014FordExplorerRRRuby Red
2014FordF150RRRuby Red
2014FordF250RRRuby Red
2014FordF350RRRuby Red
2014FordF450RRRuby Red
2014FordF550RRRuby Red
2014FordFiestaRRRuby Red
2014FordFocusRRRuby Red
2014FordFord TruckRRRuby RedEscape Expedition Explorer F150 F250 F350 F450 F550
2014FordFusionRRRuby Red
2014FordMustangRRRuby Red
2014FordTaurusRRRuby Red
2014LincolnLincolnRRRuby RedMKC MKS MKT MKX MKZ Mark-TT Navigator
2014LincolnMark-TTRRRuby Red
2014LincolnMKCRRRuby Red
2014LincolnMKSRRRuby Red
2014LincolnMKTRRRuby Red
2014LincolnMKXRRRuby Red
2014LincolnMKZRRRuby Red
2014LincolnNavigatorRRRuby Red
2015FordRRRuby Red3 coat
2015FordC-MaxRRRuby Red
2015FordEdgeRRRuby Red
2015FordEscapeRRRuby Red
2015FordExpeditionRRRuby Red
2015FordExplorerRRRuby Red
2015FordF150RRRuby Red
2015FordF250RRRuby Red
2015FordF350RRRuby Red
2015FordF450RRRuby Red
2015FordF550RRRuby Red
2015FordFiestaRRRuby Red3 coat
2015FordFlexRRRuby Red
2015FordFocusRRRuby Red3 coat
2015FordFord TruckRRRuby RedEscape Expedition Explorer F150 Superduty
2015FordFusionRRRuby Red3 coat
2015FordMustangRRRuby Red
2015LincolnLincolnRRRuby RedMKC MKS MKT MKX MKZ Navigator
2015LincolnMKCRRRuby Red
2015LincolnMKSRRRuby Red
2015LincolnMKTRRRuby Red
2015LincolnMKXRRRuby Red
2015LincolnMKZRRRuby Red
2015LincolnNavigatorRRRuby Red
2016FordRRRuby Red
2016FordC-MaxRRRuby Red
2016FordEdgeRRRuby Red
2016FordEscapeRRRuby Red
2016FordExpeditionRRRuby Red
2016FordExplorerRRRuby Red
2016FordF150RRRuby Red
2016FordF250RRRuby Red
2016FordF350RRRuby Red
2016FordF450RRRuby Red
2016FordF550RRRuby Red
2016FordFestivaRRRuby Red
2016FordFlexRRRuby Red
2016FordFocusRRRuby Red
2016FordFord TruckRRRuby RedEscape Expedition Explorer F150 F250 F350 F450 F550
2016FordFusionRRRuby Red
2016FordMustangRRRuby Red
2016FordTaurusRRRuby Red
2016LincolnLincolnRRRuby RedMKC MKS MKT MKX MKZ Navigator
2016LincolnMKCRRRuby Red
2016LincolnMKSRRRuby Red
2016LincolnMKTRRRuby Red
2016LincolnMKXRRRuby Red
2016LincolnMKZRRRuby Red
2016LincolnNavigatorRRRuby Red
2017FordRRRuby Red
2017FordC-MaxRRRuby RedHybrid, Energi
2017FordEcoSportRRRuby Red
2017FordEdgeRRRuby Red
2017FordEscapeRRRuby Red
2017FordExpeditionRRRuby Red
2017FordExplorerRRRuby Red
2017FordF150RRRuby Red
2017FordF250RRRuby Red
2017FordF350RRRuby Red
2017FordF450RRRuby Red
2017FordF550RRRuby Red
2017FordFiestaRRRuby Red
2017FordFlexRRRuby Red
2017FordFocusRRRuby RedSE, Titanium, Electric
2017FordFord TruckRRRuby RedEscape Expedition Explorer F150 F250 F350 F450 F550
2017FordFusionRRRuby Redalso Hybrid and Energi
2017FordMustangRRRuby Red
2017FordTaurusRRRuby Red
2017LincolnContinentalRRRuby Red
2017LincolnLincolnRRRuby RedContinental MKC MKS MKT MKX MKZ Navigator
2017LincolnMKCRRRuby Red
2017LincolnMKSRRRuby Red
2017LincolnMKTRRRuby Red
2017LincolnMKXRRRuby Red
2017LincolnMKZRRRuby Red
2017LincolnNavigatorRRRuby Red
2018FordRRRuby Red
2018FordEcoSportRRRuby Red
2018FordEdgeRRRuby Red
2018FordEscapeRRRuby Red
2018FordExpeditionRRRuby Red
2018FordExplorerRRRuby Red
2018FordF150RRRuby Red
2018FordF250RRRuby Red
2018FordF350RRRuby Red
2018FordF450RRRuby Red
2018FordF550RRRuby Red
2018FordFlexRRRuby Red
2018FordFord TruckRRRuby RedEscape Expedition Explorer F150 F250 F350 F450 F550
2018FordFusionRRRuby Red
2018FordMustangRRRuby Red
2018FordTaurusRRRuby Red
2018LincolnContinentalRRRuby Red
2018LincolnLincolnRRRuby RedContinental MKC MKT MKX MKZ Navigator
2018LincolnMKCRRRuby Red
2018LincolnMKTRRRuby Red
2018LincolnMKXRRRuby Red
2018LincolnMKZRRRuby Red
2018LincolnNavigatorRRRuby Red
2019FordMustangRRRuby Red

Paint Manufacturer Codes
PPG/Ditzler : 931662
RM/BASF : 883552

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