2013 GM Victory Red paint
This red automotive paint color is most commonly known as Victory Red. Other common color promotional names include Fire Red, Red, Chili Pepper Red, and Blaze Red. The color formulation has been used between 1989 and 2015, primarily by GM; but also by Isuzu. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Chevy Truck, Chevrolet, Colorado, Pontiac, GMC, Saturn, Hummer, Cobalt, Impala, Savana, Sierra, Corvette, Aveo, Camaro, Canyon, Cruze, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Monte Carlo, Sonic, Trax, Silverado, and Buick. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint in 2013, is GCN. The longer GM paint manufacturing code, sometimes called the "Fisher paint code", is WA9260. This longer manufacturing code is useful for tracking paint usage.

Example of 2013 GM Victory Red
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Usage list 2013 GM Victory Red paint (more information)
yearmanufmodelcodepaint namecomment
1989GMChevy Truck74Redclearcoat
1990GMChevy Truck74Red
1991GMChevy Truck74Victory Red
1992GM74Victory Red
1992GMChevy Truck74Victory Red
1993GM74Victory Red
1993GMChevy Truck74Victory Redalso mini & G van
1994GMChevy Truck74Victory Redrally vandura, bonneville, sierra, silverado, blazer, suburban
1995GMChevy Truck74Victory Redtruck, van
1996GMChevy Truck74Victory Redrally vandura, bonneville, medium duty, S10, S15, jimmy, blazer
1997GMChevy Truck74Victory Redsierra, rally, vandura, silverado, suburban, tahoe, yukon
1998GM74Victory Red
1998GMChevy Truck74Victory Red
1999GM74Victory Red
1999GMChevy Truck74Victory Redcheyenne, CK pickup, sierra, silverado, suburban, S10, jimmy, blazer, sonata, tahoe, yukon
1999IsuzuU9260Victory Redsimilar to GM WA9260, Hombre
2000GM74Victory Red
2000IsuzuU9260Victory Redsimilar to GM WA9260
2001GM74Victory Red
2001GMChevy Truck74Victory RedBlazer, Express, S10 pickup, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe
2002GM74Victory Red
2002GMChevy Truck74Victory RedAvalanche, Blazer, Express, S10 pickup, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Trailblazer
2003GM74Victory Red
2003GMBuick74Victory Red
2003GMCadillac74Victory Red
2003GMChevrolet74Victory Red
2003GMChevy Truck74Victory RedAvalanche, Blazer, Express, Kodiak, S10 pickup, Silverado, Trailblazer
2003GMOldsmobile74Victory Red
2003GMPontiac74Victory Red
2003GMSaturn74Victory Red
2004GM74Victory Red
2004GMChevrolet74Victory Red
2004GMChevy Truck74Victory RedAvalanche, Blazer, Colorado, Express, Kodiak, medium duty, T-series, S10, Silverado
2004GMColorado74Victory Red
2004GMHummer74Victory RedH2, limited edition
2004GMOldsmobile74Victory Red
2004GMPontiac74Victory Red
2004GMSaturn74Victory RedIon, Vue
2005GM74Victory Red
2005GMChevrolet74Victory RedCobalt, Impala, Monte Carlo
2005GMChevy Truck74Victory RedAvalanche, Blazer, Express, Kodiak, S10, Silverado, Trailblazer
2005GMCobalt74Victory Red
2005GMCorvette74Victory Red
2005GMHummer74Victory RedH3
2005GMImpala74Victory Red
2005GMMonte Carlo74Victory Red
2005GMPontiac74Victory RedAztek, Grand Am, Pursuit, Sunfire
2005GMSaturn74Victory RedIon, Vue
2006GM74Victory Red
2006GMChevrolet74Victory RedCobalt, Monte Carlo
2006GMChevy Truck74Victory RedAvalanche, Blazer, Colorado, Express, Kodiak, S10, Silverado
2006GMCobalt74Victory Red
2006GMColorado74Victory Red
2006GMCorvette74Victory Red
2006GMHummer74Victory RedH3
2006GMMonte Carlo74Victory Red
2006GMPontiac74Victory RedPursuit, Solstice
2006GMSaturn74Victory RedIon, Vue
2007GM74Victory Red
2007GMCadillac74Victory RedXLR
2007GMChevrolet74Victory RedCobalt
2007GMChevy Truck74Victory RedAvalanche, Colorado, Express, Kodiak, Silverado
2007GMCobalt74Victory Red
2007GMColorado74Victory Red
2007GMCorvette74Victory Red
2007GMHummer74Victory RedH3
2007GMPontiac74Victory RedG5, Solstice
2007GMSaturn74Victory RedIon, Sky, Vue
2008GM74Victory Red
2008GMChevrolet74Victory RedCobalt
2008GMChevy Truck74,GCNVictory RedAvalanche, Colorado, Express, HHR, Kodiak, Silverado
2008GMCobalt74Victory Red
2008GMColorado74,GCNVictory Red
2008GMCorvette74Victory Red
2008GMGMC74,GCNVictory RedCanyon, Savana, Sierra
2008GMHummer74Victory RedH3
2008GMPontiac74Victory RedG5,Solstice
2008GMSaturn74Chili Pepper RedSky
2009GM74Victory Red
2009GMAveo74Victory Red
2009GMChevrolet74Victory RedAveo, Cobalt, Impala
2009GMChevy Truck74,GCNVictory RedAvalanche, Colorado, Express, HHR, Kodiak, Silverado
2009GMCobalt74Victory Red
2009GMColorado74,GCNVictory Red
2009GMCorvette74Victory Red
2009GMGMC74,GCNVictory RedCanyon, Savana, Sierra
2009GMHummer74Victory RedH3
2009GMImpala74Victory Red
2009GMPontiac74Victory RedG5, Solstice
2009GMSaturn74Chili Pepper RedSky,Vue
2010GM74,GCNVictory Red
2010GMAveoGCNVictory Red
2010GMCamaroGCNVictory Red2005-09 corvette color
2010GMCanyon74,GCNFire Red
2010GMChevroletGCNVictory RedAveo, Cobalt, Impala
2010GMChevy Truck74,GCNVictory RedAvalanche, Colorado, HHR, Kodiak, Silverado
2010GMCobaltGCNVictory Red
2010GMColorado74,GCNVictory Red
2010GMGMC74,GCNFire RedCanyon, Savana
2010GMHummerGCNVictory RedH3,H3T
2010GMImpalaGCNVictory Red
2010GMPontiacGCNVictory RedG3,G5,Solstice
2010GMSaturnGCNChili Pepper RedSky,Vue
2010GMSavana74,GCNFire Red
2011GM74,GCNVictory Red
2011GMAveoGCNVictory RedUS
2011GMCamaroGCNVictory Red2005-09 corvette color
2011GMCanyon74,GCNFire Red
2011GMChevrolet74,GCNVictory RedAveo, Impala
2011GMChevy Truck74,GCNVictory RedAvalanche, Colorado, HHR, Silverado
2011GMColorado74,GCNVictory Red
2011GMGMC74,GCNFire RedCanyon, Savana, Sierra
2011GMImpalaGCNVictory Red
2011GMSavana74,GCNFire Red
2011GMSierra74,GCNFire Red
2012GM74,GCNVictory Red
2012GMCamaroGCNVictory Red
2012GMCanyon74,GCNFire Red
2012GMChevrolet74,GCNVictory Red
2012GMChevy Truck74,GCNVictory RedAvalanche, Colorado, Silverado
2012GMColorado74,GCNVictory Red
2012GMCruzeGCNVictory RedUS Canada
2012GMGMC74,GCNFire RedCanyon, Savana, Sierra
2012GMImpalaGCNVictory Red
2012GMSavana74,GCNFire Red
2012GMSierra74,GCNFire Red
2012GMSonicGCNVictory Red
2013GMGCNVictory Red
2013GMCamaroGCNVictory Red
2013GMChevroletGCNVictory RedCruze Impala Sonic
2013GMChevy TruckGCNVictory RedSilverado
2013GMCruzeGCNVictory Red
2013GMGMC74,GCNFire RedSavana Sierra
2013GMImpalaGCNVictory Red
2013GMSavana74,GCNFire Red
2013GMSierra74,GCNFire Red
2013GMSonicGCNVictory Red
2014GMGCN,74Victory Red
2014GMAveoGCNVictory Red
2014GMChevroletGCNVictory RedAveo
2014GMChevy Truck74,GCNVictory RedExpress Silverado Trax
2014GMGMC74,GCNFire RedSavana Sierra
2014GMSavana74,GCNFire Red
2014GMSierra74,GCNFire Red
2015GMGCN,74Victory Red
2015GMGMCGCNFire RedSierra
2015GMSierraGCNFire Red
2015GMSilveradoGCNVictory Red
2015GMTraxGCNBlaze Red

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