2015 Audi Candy White paint
2015 paint by Audi with a promotional name of Candy White. This white automotive paint color is most commonly known as Candy White. Other common color promotional names include Cortina White and Shell White. The color formulation has been used between 1994 and 2018, primarily by Volkswagen; but also by Audi. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Golf, Passat, GTI, Eos, Tiguan, Jetta, CC, Beetle, Q3, Rabbit, A1, and Touran. See the full detailed list below.

The short make/year code for this paint on an Audi in 2015, is LB9A. Careful when using this paint code along with the make and year to specify this paint since it is may not be unique. You can check the paint code here: LB9A.

Example of 2015 Audi Candy White
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Usage list 2015 Audi Candy White paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1994VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy WhiteCabriolet Passat
1995VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy White
1996VolkswagenBeetleLB9A,B4Candy WhiteCabriolet Golf Jetta Passat
1997VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy WhiteCabriolet Golf Jetta Passat
1998VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy WhitePassat
1999VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy WhiteGolf Passat
2000VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy WhiteGolf Passat
2001VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy WhiteGolf Passat
2002VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy White
2003VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy White
2003VolkswagenGolfLB9A,B4Candy Whitealso Plus
2004VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy WhiteGolf Jetta Passat
2004VolkswagenGolfLB9A,B4Candy White
2004VolkswagenJettaLB9A,B4Candy White
2004VolkswagenPassatLB9A,B4Candy White
2005VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy WhiteGolf Jetta Passat
2005VolkswagenGolfLB9A,B4Candy White
2005VolkswagenJettaLB9A,B4Candy White
2005VolkswagenPassatLB9A,B4Candy White
2006VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy WhiteGolf Passat
2006VolkswagenGolfLB9A,B4Candy White
2006VolkswagenPassatLB9A,B4Candy White
2007VolkswagenLB9A,B4Candy WhiteEos GTI Passat Rabbit
2007VolkswagenEosLB9A,B4Candy White
2007VolkswagenGTILB9A,B4Candy White
2007VolkswagenPassatLB9A,B4Candy White
2007VolkswagenRabbitLB9A,B4Candy White
2008VolkswagenLB9ACandy Whitemost models
2008VolkswagenEosLB9ACandy White
2008VolkswagenGTILB9ACandy White
2008VolkswagenRabbitLB9ACandy White
2008VolkswagenTiguanLB9ACandy White
2009VolkswagenLB9ACandy WhiteBeetle Eos Golf GTI Jetta Passat Rabbit Tiguan
2009VolkswagenBeetleLB9ACandy White
2009VolkswagenEosLB9ACandy White
2009VolkswagenGolfLB9ACandy White
2009VolkswagenGTILB9ACandy White
2009VolkswagenJettaLB9ACandy White
2009VolkswagenPassatLB9ACandy White
2009VolkswagenRabbitLB9ACandy White
2009VolkswagenTiguanLB9ACandy White
2010VolkswagenLB9ACandy WhiteBeetle CC Eos Golf GTI Jetta Passat Tiguan
2010VolkswagenBeetleLB9ACandy White
2010VolkswagenCCLB9ACandy White
2010VolkswagenEosLB9ACandy White
2010VolkswagenGolfLB9ACandy White
2010VolkswagenGTILB9ACandy White
2010VolkswagenJettaLB9ACandy White
2010VolkswagenPassatLB9ACandy White
2010VolkswagenTiguanLB9ACandy White
2011VolkswagenLB9ACandy WhiteCC Eos Golf GTI Jetta Tiguan
2011VolkswagenCCLB9ACandy White
2011VolkswagenEosLB9ACandy White
2011VolkswagenGolfLB9ACandy White
2011VolkswagenGTILB9ACandy White
2011VolkswagenJettaLB9ACandy White
2011VolkswagenTiguanLB9ACandy White
2012VolkswagenLB9ACandy WhiteBeetle CC Eos Golf GTI Jetta Passat Tiguan
2012VolkswagenBeetleLB9ACandy White
2012VolkswagenCCLB9ACandy White
2012VolkswagenEosLB9ACandy White
2012VolkswagenGolfLB9ACandy White
2012VolkswagenGTILB9ACandy White
2012VolkswagenJettaLB9ACandy White
2012VolkswagenPassatLB9ACandy White
2012VolkswagenTiguanLB9ACandy White
2013VolkswagenLB9ACandy WhiteBeetle CC Eos GTI Golf Golf-Plus Jetta Passat Tiguan Touran
2013VolkswagenBeetleLB9ACandy White
2013VolkswagenCCLB9ACandy White
2013VolkswagenEosLB9ACandy White
2013VolkswagenGolfLB9ACandy Whitealso Golf Plus
2013VolkswagenGTILB9ACandy White
2013VolkswagenJettaLB9ACandy White
2013VolkswagenPassatLB9ACandy White
2013VolkswagenTiguanLB9ACandy White
2013VolkswagenTouranLB9ACandy White
2014VolkswagenLB9ACandy WhiteBeetle CC Eos GTI Golf Jetta Passat Tiguan
2014VolkswagenBeetleLB9ACandy White
2014VolkswagenCCLB9ACandy White
2014VolkswagenEosLB9ACandy White
2014VolkswagenGolfLB9ACandy White
2014VolkswagenGTILB9ACandy White
2014VolkswagenJettaLB9ACandy White
2014VolkswagenPassatLB9ACandy White
2014VolkswagenTiguanLB9ACandy White
2015AudiLB9ACandy WhiteA1 Q3
2015AudiA1LB9ACandy White
2015AudiQ3LB9ACandy White
2015VolkswagenLB9ACandy White
2015VolkswagenCCLB9ACandy White
2015VolkswagenGolfLB9ACandy White
2015VolkswagenPassatLB9ACandy White
2015VolkswagenTiguanLB9ACandy White
2016AudiLB9A,B4Cortina WhiteQ3
2016AudiLB9A,B4Shell WhiteA1
2016AudiLB9A,B4Shell WhiteA1
2016AudiA1LB9A,B4Shell White
2016AudiQ3LB9A,B4Cortina White
2017AudiLB9ACortina WhiteQ3
2017AudiQ3LB9ACortina White
2018AudiLB9A,B4Cortina WhiteQ3
2018AudiQ3LB9A,B4Cortina White

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Make/Year Code : B4, LB9A
PPG/Ditzler : 940527
Dupont : W9839
Martin Senour : 50761
RM/BASF : 25179
Glasurit : VW-LB9A

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