2015 Audi Misano Red paint
2015 paint by Audi with a promotional name of Misano Red. This red automotive paint color is most commonly known as Misano Red. The color formulation has been used between 2002 and 2019, primarily by Audi. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: A5, S5, A4, RS5, S4, A3, TTS, A6, TT, RS7, Q3, S3, A1, RS4, S6, RS6, A7, and S7. See the full detailed list below.

The short make/year code for this paint on an Audi in 2015, is LZ3M. Careful when using this paint code along with the make and year to specify this paint since it is may not be unique. You can check the paint code here: LZ3M.

Example of 2015 Audi Misano Red
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Usage list 2015 Audi Misano Red paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
2002AudiLZ3MMisano Red
2004AudiLZ3M,N9Misano RedRS6
2004AudiRS6LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2007AudiLZ3M,N9Misano RedA3 A4-Cabriolet A6 RS-4
2007AudiA3LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2007AudiA4LZ3M,N9Misano RedCabriolet
2007AudiA6LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2007AudiRS4LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2008AudiLZ3MMisano RedA3 A4-Cabriolet RS-4 A6
2008AudiA3LZ3MMisano Red
2008AudiA4LZ3MMisano RedCabriolet
2008AudiA6LZ3MMisano Red
2008AudiRS4LZ3MMisano Red
2009AudiLZ3MMisano RedA3 A4-Sedan/Avant A4-Cabriolet A5 A6
2009AudiA3LZ3MMisano Red
2009AudiA4LZ3MMisano RedSedan/Avant & Cabriolet
2009AudiA5LZ3MMisano Red
2009AudiA6LZ3MMisano Red
2010AudiLZ3MMisano RedA4 A5
2010AudiA4LZ3MMisano Red
2010AudiA5LZ3MMisano Red
2011AudiLZ3MMisano RedA4 A5
2011AudiA4LZ3MMisano Red
2011AudiA5LZ3MMisano Red
2012AudiLZ3MMisano RedTT TTS
2012AudiTTLZ3MMisano Red
2012AudiTTSLZ3MMisano Red
2013AudiLZ3MMisano RedRS5 S4 S5 TT TTS
2013AudiRS5LZ3MMisano Red
2013AudiS4LZ3MMisano Red
2013AudiS5LZ3MMisano Red
2013AudiTTLZ3MMisano Red
2013AudiTTSLZ3MMisano Red
2014AudiLZ3MMisano RedA5 RS5 RS7 S4 S5 TT TTS
2014AudiA5LZ3MMisano Red
2014AudiRS5LZ3MMisano Red
2014AudiRS7LZ3MMisano Red
2014AudiS4LZ3MMisano Red
2014AudiS5LZ3MMisano Red
2014AudiTTLZ3MMisano Red
2014AudiTTSLZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiLZ3MMisano RedA1 A3 A4 A5 Q3 RS5 RS7 S3 S3 S4 S5 TT TTS
2015AudiA1LZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiA3LZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiA4LZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiA5LZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiQ3LZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiRS5LZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiRS7LZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiS3LZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiS3LZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiS4LZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiS5LZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiTTLZ3MMisano Red
2015AudiTTSLZ3MMisano Red
2016AudiLZ3M,N9Misano RedA1 A4 A5 Q3 RS5 S3 S4 S5 S6
2016AudiA1LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2016AudiA4LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2016AudiA5LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2016AudiQ3LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2016AudiRS5LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2016AudiS3LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2016AudiS4LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2016AudiS5LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2016AudiS6LZ3M,N9Misano Red
2017AudiLZ3MMisano Redpearl, A5 A3 S5
2017AudiA3LZ3MMisano Redpearl
2017AudiA5LZ3MMisano Redpearl
2017AudiS5LZ3MMisano Redpearl
2018AudiLZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl, A5 A6 A7 Q3 RS5 RS7 S4 S5 S6 S7
2018AudiA5LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2018AudiA6LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2018AudiA7LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2018AudiQ3LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2018AudiRS5LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2018AudiRS7LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2018AudiS4LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2018AudiS5LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2018AudiS6LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2018AudiS7LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2019AudiLZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl, RS5 S4 S5
2019AudiRS5LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2019AudiS4LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl
2019AudiS5LZ3M,N9Misano Redpearl, code N9PA black top

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Make/Year Code : N9, LZ3M
PPG/Ditzler : 77964
RM/BASF : 26366

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