2016 Nissan Deep Blue paint
This blue automotive paint color is most commonly known as Deep Blue. Other common color promotional names include Deep Blue Pearl, Iridium Blue, and Electric Indigo. The color formulation has been used between 2012 and 2020, primarily by Nissan; but also by Infiniti. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: GT-R, Infiniti, Maxima, Altima, Leaf, Sentra, 370Z, Titan, Versa, Murano, Kicks, Juke, Armada, Cube, Pathfinder, Frontier, Quest, Rogue, and NV. See the full detailed list below.

The short model/year code for this paint in 2016, is RAY.

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Usage list 2016 Nissan Deep Blue paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
2012InfinitiInfinitiRAYDeep BlueFX35/FX50
2012NissanRAYDeep BlueGT-R Infiniti-FX35/FX50
2012NissanGT-RRAYDeep Blue
2013InfinitiInfinitiRAYIridium BlueFX35/FX50
2013NissanRAYIridium BlueGT-R Infiniti-FX35/FX50
2013NissanGT-RRAYIridium Blue
2014InfinitiInfinitiRAYDeep BlueQX70
2014NissanRAYDeep BlueGT-R Infiniti-QX70
2014NissanGT-RRAYDeep Blue
2015InfinitiInfinitiRAYDeep BlueQX70
2015NissanRAYDeep BlueCube GT-R Juke Leaf Infiniti QX70
2015NissanCubeRAYDeep Blue
2015NissanGT-RRAYDeep Blue
2015NissanJukeRAYDeep Blue
2015NissanLeafRAYDeep Blue
2016InfinitiInfinitiRAYDeep BlueQ50 QX70
2016NissanRAYDeep BlueAltima GT-R Leaf Maxima Sentra Titan Infiniti Q50 QX70
2016NissanAltimaRAYDeep Blue
2016NissanGT-RRAYDeep Blue
2016NissanLeafRAYDeep Blue
2016NissanMaximaRAYDeep Blue
2016NissanSentraRAYDeep Blue
2016NissanTitanRAYDeep Blue
2017InfinitiInfinitiRAYDeep Bluepearl, Q30 Q50 Q70 QX30 QX50 QX60 QX70 QX80
2017NissanRAYDeep Bluepearl, 370Z Altima Armada Frontier GT-R Juke Leaf Maxima Murano NV Pathfinder Quest Rogue Sentra Titan Versa Infiniti Q30 Q50 Q70 QX30 QX50 QX60 QX70 QX80
2017Nissan370ZRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanAltimaRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanArmadaRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanFrontierRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanGT-RRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanJukeRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanLeafRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanMaximaRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanMuranoRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanNVRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanPathfinderRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanQuestRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanRogueRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanSentraRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanTitanRAYDeep Bluepearl
2017NissanVersaRAYDeep Bluepearl
2018InfinitiInfinitiRAYElectric Indigometallic, Q50 Q60
2018NissanRAYDeep Blue Pearlpearl, 370Z Altima GT-R Kicks Leaf Maxima Sentra Titan Versa
2018Nissan370ZRAYDeep Blue Pearlpearl
2018NissanAltimaRAYDeep Blue Pearlpearl
2018NissanGT-RRAYDeep Blue Pearlpearl
2018NissanKicksRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2018NissanLeafRAYDeep Blue Pearlpearl
2018NissanMaximaRAYDeep Blue Pearlpearl
2018NissanSentraRAYDeep Blue Pearlpearl
2018NissanTitanRAYDeep Blue Pearlpearl
2018NissanVersaRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2019InfinitiInfinitiRAYIridium Bluemetallic, Q50 Q60
2019NissanRAYDeep Bluemetallic, 370Z Altima GT-R Kicks Leaf Maxima Murano Sentra Titan Versa
2019Nissan370ZRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2019NissanAltimaRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2019NissanGT-RRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2019NissanKicksRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2019NissanLeafRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2019NissanMaximaRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2019NissanMuranoRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2019NissanSentraRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2019NissanTitanRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2019NissanVersaRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2020Nissan370ZRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2020NissanAltimaRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2020NissanMaximaRAYDeep Bluemetallic
2020NissanMuranoRAYDeep Bluemetallic

Paint Manufacturer Codes
PPG/Ditzler : 929832
RM/BASF : 866819

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