Ford code M6284 M6284A - yellow
This yellow automotive paint color is most commonly known as School Bus Yellow. Other common color promotional names include Chrome Yellow and Peacock Yellow. The color formulation has been used between 1988 and 2020, primarily by Ford; but also by NBC. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Ford Truck, Econoline, Transit, F650, F750, F250, F450, F350, F550, F150, Escape, and Mustang. See the full detailed list below.

Ford paint manufacturing codes come in two forms, the short 1 to 3 digit model/year code which changes frequently and the longer 4 digit code which starts with the letters "M", "WT", or "MX70x". M are production paints, WT and MX are commercial or special order. These longer codes don't change over the years for a particular paint formulation; therefore, it is the best code to track the usage of Ford paint. Ford production paint codes starting with M are usually followed by a 4 digit number and the letter "A" indicating its an exterior paint. The same code ending in the letter "G" is common for interior paints.

Example of the color Ford M6284
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Usage list of Ford paint code M6284 (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
FleetNBCPeacock Yellow
1988FordFord Truck67School Bus Yellow
1989FordFord Truck67School Bus Yellow
1990FordFord TruckALSchool Bus Yellowmedium heavy duty trucks
1991FordFord TruckALSchool Bus Yellowmedium heavy duty trucks
1992FordFord TruckALSchool Bus Yellowmedium heavy duty trucks
1993FordFord TruckBY,ALSchool Bus Yellowmedium heavy duty truck
1994FordFord TruckBY,ALSchool Bus Yellow
1995FordFord TruckBY,ALSchool Bus YellowMedium/Heavy Duty Truck
1997FordFord TruckBY,ALSchool Bus Yellow
1998FordBY,ALSchool Bus Yellow
2000FordBYSchool Bus Yellow
2000FordF150BYSchool Bus Yellow
2000FordF250BYSchool Bus Yellow
2000FordF350BYSchool Bus Yellow
2000FordF450BYSchool Bus Yellow
2000FordF550BYSchool Bus Yellow
2000FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowF-Series
2001FordBYSchool Bus Yellow
2001FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2001FordF150BYSchool Bus Yellow
2001FordF250BYSchool Bus Yellow
2001FordF350BYSchool Bus Yellow
2001FordF450BYSchool Bus Yellow
2001FordF550BYSchool Bus Yellow
2001FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus Yellowalso van
2002FordEconolineBYChrome Yellow
2002FordF150BYChrome Yellow
2002FordF250BYChrome Yellow
2002FordF350BYChrome Yellow
2002FordF450BYChrome Yellow
2002FordF550BYChrome Yellow
2002FordFord TruckBYChrome YellowEconoline F-series
2003FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2003FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline
2004FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2004FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline
2005FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2005FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline
2006FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2006FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline
2007FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2007FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline
2008FordBYSchool Bus Yellow
2008FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2008FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline
2009FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2009FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline
2010FordBYSchool Bus Yellow
2010FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2010FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline
2011FordBYSchool Bus Yellow
2011FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2011FordEscapeBYSchool Bus Yellow
2011FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline Escape
2012FordBYSchool Bus Yellow
2012FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2012FordEscapeBYSchool Bus Yellow
2012FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus Yellowsuper duty CC F-650/750, transit connect, E-series
2013FordBY,B1School Bus YellowMustang Econoline
2013FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2013FordFord TruckBY,NYSchool Bus Yellowsuper duty CC 5-650/50, transit connect, E-series
2013FordMustangB1School Bus Yellow
2013FordTransitBYSchool Bus YellowTransit
2014FordBY,B1School Bus Yellow
2014FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2014FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline Transit
2014FordTransitBYSchool Bus YellowTransit
2015FordBY,B1School Bus Yellow
2015FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2015FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowTransit Transit-Connect
2015FordTransitBYSchool Bus Yellow
2016FordBY,B1School Bus Yellow
2016FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2016FordF650BYSchool Bus Yellow
2016FordF750BYSchool Bus Yellow
2016FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline F650 F750 Transit
2016FordTransitBYSchool Bus YellowTransit
2017FordB1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2017FordEconolineB1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2017FordF650B1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2017FordF750B1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2017FordFord TruckB1,BYSchool Bus YellowEconoline F650 F750 Transit
2017FordTransitBYSchool Bus YellowTransit
2018FordBY,B1School Bus Yellow
2018FordEconolineBYSchool Bus Yellow
2018FordF650BYSchool Bus Yellow
2018FordF750BYSchool Bus Yellow
2018FordFord TruckBYSchool Bus YellowEconoline F650 F750 Transit
2018FordTransitBYSchool Bus YellowTransit
2019FordB1,BYSchool Bus YellowEconoline F650 F750 Transit
2019FordEconolineB1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2019FordF650B1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2019FordF750B1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2019FordFord TruckB1,BYSchool Bus YellowEconoline F650 F750 Transit
2019FordTransitB1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2020FordB1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2020FordEconolineB1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2020FordF650B1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2020FordF750B1,BYSchool Bus Yellow
2020FordFord TruckB1,BYSchool Bus YellowEconoline F650 F750 Transit
2020FordTransitB1,BYSchool Bus Yellow

Paint Manufacturer Codes
PPG/Ditzler : 82807
Dupont : B8779
Sherwin Williams : 36889
RM/BASF : 18644
Glasurit : FDU-6284

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