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1953 GM Corvette Spec Explorer
1953 is the first year of Corvette production. A total of 300 cars were hand build in the Flint, Michigan production site starting in June of 1953. The 1953 Corvette features a fiberglass body, the "Blue Flame" 150hp 235.5ci inline six-cylinder engine with triple side-draft carburetors, Powerglide automatic transmission, and wire-mesh headlamps. The 1953 Corvette is only available in Polo White with red interior.

Example of a Corvette from 1953
Sales Brochure cover
1953 Corvette Sales Brochure pages (click on to view)

Sales brochure for the first Corvette in 1953. Inside the color is indicated as Exterior, Polo White; interior, Sportsman Red; fabric top, Jet Black. The engine is written as: Engine - Special 150-h.p. high-compression, 6-cylinder valve-in-head "Blue Flame" engine; triple side-draft carburetors. The print code on the back reads 500M-6-53.

Available 1953 Corvette exterior paint colors

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