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1957 GM Corvette Spec Explorer
The 1957 Corvette receives a new 283 cubic-inch V8 in four different configurations: base level 220hp 4-barrel, 245 and 270 hp twin 4-barrel, 250hp Ramjet fuel-injected 4-barrel, and a 283hp Ramjet fuel-injected twin 4-barrel. Six exterior colors: black, copper, white, green, blue, or red; and 6 two-tones: black & silver, copper & beige, white & silver, green & beige, blue & silver, or red & beige. A seventh rare exterior color is Inca Silver.

Example of a Corvette from 1957
Sales Brochure cover
1957 Corvette Sales Brochure pages (click on to view)

Sales brochure for the 1957 Corvette with 220hp 283ci 4-barrel V8 or optional 250hp 283ci twin 4-barrel V8. The 1957 Corvette comes with the choice of either a manual fabric top or a lightweight removable hardtop. Six exterior colors are offered as well as six two-tone combinations.

Available 1957 Corvette exterior paint colors

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