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1967 Ford Mustang Spec Explorer
The 1967 Mustang went through the first-ever redesign due to expected competition from the Camaro, Firebird, and Mercury Cougar. The exterior redesign included a more pronounced grille opening, the side cove ended in two sets of 4 simulated air scoops, the tail lights still had the 3 lenses but on a concave indentation panel, and the overall body length grew by 2 inches although the wheelbase remained the same. An additional high performance 320hp (390ci, V8) engine became a new option for $264. A 1967-only option of a GTA ("A" for automatic transmission) was offered. The "SelectShift" automatic transmission could also be shifted manually. New to the interior was a "tilt-away" steering wheel, overhead console, and a "stereo-sonic" tape system.

Example of a Mustang from 1967
Sales Brochure cover
1967 Mustang Sales Brochure pages (click on to view)

The 1967 Ford Mustang promotional booklet says, Three new ways to answer the call of the Mustang.... The cover shows a Candyapple Red convertible, an Acapulco Blue with black vinyl top hardtop, and a Springtime Yellow fastback 2+2 (two in the front seat and two in the back seat).

Available 1967 Mustang exterior paint colors

1967 Engines
code   engine  
T 120hp 200ci standard 6-cylinder
C 200hp 289ci optional V8
A 225hp 289ci optional V8
K 271hp 289ci High Perf V8
S 320hp 390ci GT V8
Styles, Models & Special Editions
Hardtop, Fastback, & Convertible
Mustang GT
Mustang GTA
Shelby GT350 & GT500
Sport Sprint
High Country Special
Ski Country Special
Mustang Stallion
Branded Mustang
Lone Star Limited Edition
T-5 Ford
Eleanor Mustang
Indy Pacesetter Limited Edition
Limited Edition 400
Tussy Cosmetics Sweepstakes
Mustang Blazer Limited Edition

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