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1968 Ford Mustang Spec Explorer
In 1968, engine power was the offering. Six V8 engines where offered with the 335hp, 428ci, V8, Cobra Jet at the top. The front end lost its "Ford" letters, the side Mustang lettering changed from block-style to script-style, and the Mustang emblem became "floating" on the front grille. Extra lights on the grille were also floating. Simple chrome trim ended the body side cove at the wheel air scoops. The GT was offered with "C" stripes that followed the top of the side cove, and around the end air scoop. Early in 1968 Ford offered a limited edition "C" stripe Mustang sale which by mid March turned into limited edition Mustang Sprint sale allowing dealers to offer even more options as part of local sales promotions. By the end of March many local "territorial" special Mustang sales existed, each with its own limited edition Mustang. Some of these included the California Special GT, the Virgina area Cardinal Special, the Pennsylvania his and hers Colt and Lady Mustang, and the Louisiana Dixie special. The California Rainbow of Colors, the Denver High Country Special, and the Seattle Golden Nugget Special were also part of the many special and limited edition 1968 Mustangs offered. Both 1967 and 1968 saw the most number of local special and limited edition Mustangs. See our special models section for more information.

Example of a Mustang from 1968
Sales Brochure cover
1968 Mustang Sales Brochure pages (click on to view)

Mustang 1968 ...better ideas in action says the cover of the 1968 Ford Mustang promotional booklet.

Available 1968 Mustang exterior paint colors

1968 Engines
code   engine  
T 115hp 200ci standard 6-cylinder
C 195hp 289ci optional V8
F 210hp 302ci optional V8
J 230hp 302ci optional V8
X 280hp 390ci optional V8
S 325hp 390ci GT V8
R 335hp 428ci Cobra Jet V8
W 390hp 427ci High Perf V8
Styles, Models & Special Editions
Hardtop, Fastback, & Convertible
Mustang GT
Shelby GT350, GT500 & GT500KR
NHRA Mustang GT Cobra Jet
Mustang GT California Special
Mustang GT High Country Special
Mustang Sprint
Golden Nugget Limited Edition
Rainbow of Colors
Color of the Month
Branded Edition Mustangs
T-5 Ford
Cardinal Edition Limited Edition
Mustang Bullitt
Dixie Special Mustang
Golden Mustang
Mustang Colt
Lady Mustang

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