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1979 Ford Mustang Spec Explorer
The 1979 Mustang took performance and gas savings a huge step forward with new aerodynamic queues and the use of new lighter materials to create the Fox body in a coupe and hatchback form. The Fox wheelbase was 10.4 inches longer allowing for 20 percent more interior space but the car was 200 pounds lighter. This helped since all three of the previous year's engines continued to be used along with a new turbocharged version of the smallest 2.3 liter and a midyear replacement of the 1978, 2.8 liter V6; with a 3.3 liter inline-6. The Ghia and Cobra continued in 1979 with a midyear addition of a limit run of Indianapolis 500 Pace Car replicas. Ford's bet on the Fox body and option packages was right with production sales of 369,936 units, 92% more than 1978, and nearly matching the introduction of the Mustang II in 1974.

Example of a Mustang from 1979
Sales Brochure cover
1979 Mustang Sales Brochure pages (click on to view)

This is the 1979 Ford Mustang, 20 page, promotional booklet showing a Silver metallic 2-door coupe with sports option. The sports option package came with black window frames, belt and rocker panel moldings, full wraparound black body side moldings with dual accent stripe dumper inserts, 13 inch sport wheels, and a sport steering wheel. Ford was pushing the optional Turbocharged 2.3 liter, overhead cam, four cylinder optional engine with this package.

Available 1979 Mustang exterior paint colors




Medium Gray

Medium Red

Bright Red

Light Medium Blue

Medium Blue Glow

Bright Blue

Medium Vaquero Glow


Dark Jade

Bright Yellow

Light Chamois


1979 Engines
code   engine  
T 85hp 200ci (3.3L) late V6 replacement 6-cylinder
Y 88hp 140ci (2.3L) standard 4-cylinder
Z 104hp 170ci (2.8L) optional 6-cylinder
W 130hp 140ci (2.3L) Turbo 4-cylinder
F 139hp 302ci (5.0L) optional V8
F 143hp 302ci (5.0L) California V8
Styles, Models & Special Editions
Coupe & Hatchback
Mustang Ghia
Mustang Cobra
Indianapolis Pace Car
Mustang IMSA

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