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1980 Ford Mustang Spec Explorer
The 1980 Mustang saw improvements in fuel economy with the engine to match the new lighter more aerodynamic Fox body introduced the previous year. The base inline-4 received a 23 percent fuel economy improvement; the mid 1979 improved 200ci straight-6 remained, and just like when the Mustang II was introduced, the 302ci (5.0 liter) V8 was dropped. The Cobra option now included a unique aerodynamic front and rear end similar to the 1979 Pace Car replica. The Ghia options package was offered for both the coupe and hatchback. With the GT options package last offered in 1969 and the Mach 1 last offered in 1978, Ford organized the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) group to build up special racing versions and create kits of bolt-on parts that the car owner could install for road and track use in IMSA or SCCA event. The Ford McLaren Mustang was also introduced later in 1980 with an emphasis on style and performance. ASC McLaren officially offered Mustang convertibles until 1987. The colors didn't change significantly in 1980 of 1979 but the use of a two-tone (above and below the body side molding) factory paint was offered with nearly every color. The momentum of the Fox body remained high with 271,322 cars built, not dropping fast as seen in the second year of the Mustang II in 1975.

Example of a Mustang from 1980
Sales Brochure cover
1980 Mustang Sales Brochure pages (click on to view)

The cover of the 1980 Ford Mustang promotional booklet showing a Polar White base Mustang hatchback with the new three spoke sport wheels, hood scoop with turbocharged engine below, body side molding, wide multi-color accent tape stripes.

Available 1980 Mustang exterior paint colors

1980 Engines
code   engine  
A 88hp 140ci (2.3L) standard 4-cylinder
B 91hp 200ci (3.3L) optional 6-cylinder
D 119hp 256ci (4.2L) optional V8
W 150hp 140ci (2.3L) Turbo 4-cylinder
Styles, Models & Special Editions
Coupe & Hatchback
Mustang Ghia
Mustang Cobra
SVO M81 McLaren Mustang

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