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The first Orange Corvette was introduced in 1955, with one paint shade named Corvette Copper. This was the only time Corvette Copper appeared as a production color on a Corvette.

The latest offering of Orange on a Corvette is available now in the 2021 model year, with one shade of orange paint named Sebring Orange.

In our database we found 25 offerings of Orange in 24 of the 69 production years of the Corvette (1953-2021). We have included some red and many copper named colors if they appear very orange. Very dark orange colors, we have considered as brown. Below is a list of all offerings of Orange on a Corvette in our database with examples where we've found them. Click on the example or manufacturing code for more information.

yearpromotional namemanuf code
1955 Corvette Copper look up
1968 Corvette Bronze 992 WA3830
1969 Monaco Orange 990 WA3959
1970 Ontario Orange 991 WA3959
Corvette Bronze 993 WA4207
1971 Ontario Orange 987 WA4149
1972 Ontario Orange 987 WA4149
1973 Orange 980 WA4464
1974 Orange 80-980 WA4464
1976 Orange Flame 70 WA4667
1977 Orange 66 WA4986
1986 Copper 66 WA8754
1987 Copper 66 WA8754
2005 Daytona Sunset Orange 71 WA633H
2006 Sunset Orange 71 WA633H
2007 Atomic Orange 83 WA418P
2008 Atomic Orange 83 WA418P
2009 Atomic Orange 83 WA418P
2011 Inferno Orange 28 WA502Q
2012 Inferno Orange 28 WA502Q
2013 Inferno Orange 28 WA502Q
2015 Daytona Sunrise Orange G1H WA408Y
2016 Daytona Sunrise Orange G1H WA408Y
2020 Sebring Orange G26 WA418C
2021 Sebring Orange G26 WA418C
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