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Looking for automotive paint? What's the name of a color? Remembering the first car you ever owned? These questions and more can be explored on PaintRef.com. We do not sell paint, but we do try to help you find the paint codes so that you can order them from a paint company like the ones we have links to on the right.

What makes our paint database different than all the rest?
(1) We have a method to easily cross-reference the use of a paint formula on different automobile models, years, and paint manufacturers from the 755,770 paint codes in our database.
(2) We show the model/year paint code as well as the longer GM/Ford/Chrysler manufacturing paint code
(3) Wherever possible we try to use the model/year promotional paint name which comes from sales brochures which we also have available for viewing (34,722 pages and growing).
(4) We show the corresponding codes of all major manufacturers of paint (OEM and touchup paints, we try to avoid alternative or complete repaint options because they don't match well)
(5) We not only show scanned in paint chip pages (35,571 pages, the largest online paint chip collection anywhere!) but we also link them to the names and codes in in our database (ever try manually searching an online jpg image for a color name? Well, you can do that automatically in our site!)
(6) In many cases we show examples of the paint, even on real cars. If not, check out the Google/Bing/Yahoo image search links for each color listed.
(7) You can also search on generic color shades such as Orange or Red Corvette or 1969 Blue or Chyrsler Green, we even have summary lists which show the use of these color shades on a specific model throughout the years (i.e. Blue Mustang or Orange Camaro or Green Chevy Truck.

Why do we do this? To understand the history of color usage as well as how codes and promotional names for the same paint have changed with time.

For example, did you know that Candy Apple Red was first officially used on a production car by Ford in 1966, but was a bright, non-metallic, red? It was end until 1996, that Chrysler, and GM in 2001, had a similarly named production paint. The highly metallic, Candy Apple Red with multiple layers over a silver base wasn't popular until the 1970's with custom muscle cars using non-production paints. A search of Apple shows that historically the name was associated with a Green going back to the early 1930's. Again, the first Apple Red was in 1966 by Ford followed by GM in 1967.
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"I just wanted to take a moment to say "thank you" for all of your great work on PaintRef.com. I have used the site quite a bit and have referred many others to it." - Marc
1958 Chevrolet Corvette
paint color name   code     sample  
Inca Silver
Charcoal 500A
Silver Blue 502A
Black 503A
Regal Turquoise 504A
Signet Red 506A
Panama Yellow 508A
Snowcrest White 510A

1969 Chevrolet Camaro
paint color name   code     sample  
Tuxedo Black 10
Butternut Yellow 40
Dover White 50
Dusk Blue 51
Garnet Red 52
Glacier Blue 53
Azure Turquoise 55
Fathom Green 57
Frost Green 59
Burnished Brown 61
Champagne 63
Olympic Gold 65
Burgundy 67
Cortez Silver 69
LeMans Blue 71
Hugger Orange 72
Daytona Yellow 76
Rallye Green 79

1964 Ford Mustang
paint color name   code     sample  
Raven Black A
Pagoda Green B
Dynasty Green D
Guardsman Blue F
Caspian Blue H
Rangoon Red J
Silver Smoke Gray K
Wimbledon White M
Tropical Turquoise O
Prairie Bronze P
Cascade Green S
Sunlight Yellow V
Vintage Burgundy X
Skylight Blue Y
Chantilly Beige Z
Poppy Red 3
Twilight Turquoise 5
Phoenician Yellow 7

1970 Dodge Challenger
paint color name   code     sample  
Silver A4
Light Blue B3
Bright Blue B5
Dark Blue B7
Plum Crazy C7
Bright Red E5
Light Green F4
Dark Green F8
Sublime J5
Green Go J6
Go Mango K2
Dark Burnt Orange K5
Beige L1
Panther Pink M3
Dark Tan T6
Hemi Orange V2
White W1
Black X9
Bright Yellow Y1
Cream Y3
Light Gold Y4

1972 Volkswagen Beetle
paint color name   code     sample  
Texas Yellow L10B
Saturn Yellow L13M
Brilliant Orange L20B
Blood Orange L21E
Kasan Red L30B
Black L41
Enzian Blue L51B
Marina Blue L54D
Sumatra Green L61B
Willow Green L63K
Pastel White L90D
Kansas Beige L91D
Turquoise L95B
Silver L96D
Gemini Blue L96E
Colorado Red L97D

2018 Chevrolet Corvette
paint color name   code     sample  
Long Beach Red G1E
Watkins Glen Gray G7Q
Ceramic Matrix Gray G9F
Corvette Racing Yellow GC6
Black Rose GGA
Admiral Blue GTR
Arctic White 10,G8G
Blade Silver 17,GAN
Black 41,GBA
Torch Red 70,GKZ

2018 Chevrolet Camaro
paint color name   code     sample  
Red Hot G7C
Bright Yellow G7D
Garnet Red G7E
Nightfall Gray G7Q
Silver Ice GAN
Summit White GAZ
Mosaic Black GB8
Black GBA
Hyper Blue GD1
Arctic Blue GGB

2018 Ford Mustang
paint color name   code     sample  
Shadow Black G1
Triple Yellow H3
Magnetic J7
Lead Foot JX
Kona Blue L6
Lightning Blue N6
Orange Fury NL
Race Red PQ
Royal Crimson R3
Ruby Red RR
Ingot Silver UX
Oxford White YZ

2018 Dodge Challenger
paint color name   code     sample  
Maximum Steel PAR
Granite PAU
Indigo Blue PBM
Destroyer Gray PDN
F8 Green PFQ
Octane Red PRV
Redline PRY
Billet PSC
Go Mango PVP
White Knuckle PW7
Pitch Black PX8
Yellow Jacket PY4

2018 Volkswagen Beetle
paint color name   code     sample  
Deep Sea Teal L8V3
Bottle Green LA6J
Habanero Orange LB2Y
White Silver LB9Z
Pure White LC9A
Deep Black Pearl LC9X
Sandstorm Yellow LD1Z
Silk Blue LD5L
Platinum Gray LD7X
Tornado Red LY3D