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The first Black Plymouth in our paint database was in 1929, with one black paint shade named Black.

The last offering of Black on a Plymouth in our paint database was in 2000, with one shade of black paint named Black.

In our database we found 76 offerings of Black in 68 of the 70 production years of the Plymouth (1929-1942 and 1946-2001). We have included all very dark shades of charcoal and any color with "Black" in its name as originally specified by the manufacturer. Strangely, looking through the paint codes of Black, there has been very few shades/formula unlike White which has many. Below is a list of all offerings of Black on a Plymouth in our database with examples where we've found them. Click on the example or manufacturing code for more information.

yearpromotional namemanuf code
1929 Black look up
1931 Black look up
1932 Black look up
1933 Black look up
1934 Black 101,102,103,104 look up
1935 Black 113,114 look up
Black 115,116 look up
1936 Black 101 look up
1937 Black 101 look up
1938 Black 101 look up
1939 Black 101 look up
Black 102 look up
1940 Black 101 look up
1941 Black 101 look up
1942 Black 101 look up
1946 Black 1 look up
1947 Black 1 look up
1948 Black 101 look up
1949 Black 601 look up
1950 Black 601 look up
1951 Black 601 look up
1952 Black 601 look up
1953 Black 601 look up
1954 Black 601 look up
1955 Black 601 look up
1956 Jet Black 601 look up
1957 Jet Black B look up
1958 Jet Black A DT4004
1959 Jet Black A DT4004
1960 Jet Black B DT4004
1961 Jet Black B DT4004
1962 Silhouette Black B DT4004
1963 Ebony Black B DT4004
1964 Ebony B DT4004
1965 Black B DT4004
1966 Black B DT4004
1967 Black B DT4004
1968 Black Velvet B DT4004
1969 Black Velvet X9 DT4004
1970 Black Velvet X9 DT4004
1971 Formal Black X9 DT4004
1972 Formal Black X9 DT4004
1973 Formal Black X9 DT4004
1974 Formal Black X9 DT4004
1975 Formal Black X9 DT4004
1976 Black X9 DT4004
1977 Forest Black Sunfire X8 DT6478
1978 Formal Black TX9 DT4004
1979 Black TX9 DT4004
1980 Formal Black TX9 DT4004
Velvet Black X21 DT4004
1981 Black DX9 DT4011
Formal Black TX9 DT4004
Formal Black TX9 DT4004
Velvet Black X21 DT4004
1982 Black TX9 DT4004
1983 Flat Black DX9 DT4011
Black TX9 DT4004
1984 Black TX9 DT4004
1985 Black TX9 DT4004
1986 Black TX8 DT4004
1987 Black DX8 DT4014
1988 Black DX8 DT4014
Classic Black FX6 DT4014
1989 Black DX8 DT4014
1990 Black DX8 DT4014
1991 Black DX8,X13 DT4014
1992 Black DX8 DT4014
1993 Black PX8,DX8 DT4014
1994 Black PX8,X13 AC10813
1995 Black PX8,DX8 DT4014
1996 Black PX8,DX8 DT4014
1997 Black PX8,DX8 DT4014
1998 Black PX8,DX8 DT4014
1999 Black PX8,DX8,X13 DT4014
2000 Black PX8,DX8,X13 DT4014
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