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Gold Chevrolets at PaintRef.com
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The first Gold Chevrolet in our paint database was in 1953, with one gold paint shade named Sungold.

The last offering of Gold on a Chevrolet in our paint database was in 2014, with one shade of gold paint named Gold Mist.

In our database we found 59 offerings of Gold in 40 of the 89 production years of the Chevrolet (1928-1942 and 1946-2019). This list includes of course golds, but also yellows and greens with promotional names of "Gold" by its manufacturer, and some bronzes even though that is a bit of a stretch. Below is a list of all offerings of Gold on a Chevrolet in our database with examples where we've found them. Click on the example or manufacturing code for more information.

yearpromotional namemanuf code
1953 Sungold 508 look up
1955 Autumn Bronze 592 look up
Harvest Gold 630 look up
1956 Grecian Gold look up
1957 Grecian Gold look up
1958 Anniversary Gold 918 look up
1962 Autumn Gold 920 WA2980
Anniversary Gold 927 WA3018
1966 Aztec Bronze M WA3487
Sandalwood Tan T WA3484
1967 Granada Gold G WA3667
1968 Ash Gold G WA3720
1969 Olympic Gold 65 WA3922
1970 Camaro Gold 53 WA4035
Champagne Gold 55 WA4023
Autumn Gold 58 WA3973
1971 Placer Gold 53 WA4139
Champagne Gold 55 WA4023
1972 Placer Gold 53 WA4139
Desert Gold 54 WA4236
Turin Tan 58 WA4269
Midnight Bronze 68 WA4241
1973 Green Gold 46 WA4324
Light Copper 60 WA4413
Medium Bronze 62 WA4398
1974 Light Gold 53 WA4570
Bronze 66 WA4501
1975 Bronze 66 WA4501
1976 Cream Gold 57 WA4890
1977 Cream Gold 50 WA4890
1978 Gold 56 WA7083
1980 Gold 57 WA7117
1981 Gold 54 WA7265
1982 Gold Wing 55 WA7568
Gold WIng 55E WA7739
Dark Gold 67 WA7388
1983 Gold Wing 55E WA7739
1984 Dark Gold Wing 65E WA8652
1985 Yellow 50 WA8740
Yellow Gold 51 WA8522
1987 Yellow 51 WA8929
1988 Yellow 51 WA8929
1998 California Gold 58U,21H WA162E
Gold 60 WA398E
Sport Gold 63 WA380E
1999 Gold 60 WA398E
Sport Gold 63 WA380E
2000 Gold 60 WA398E
2002 Mayan Gold 89 WA424G
2003 Mayan Gold 89 WA424G
2006 Antique Bronze 53 WA317N
2007 Antique Bronze 53 WA317N
2008 Gold Mist 51 WA316N
Antique Bronze 53 WA317N
2009 Gold Mist 51 WA316N
2010 Gold Mist GAO WA316N
2011 Gold Mist 51,GAO WA316N
2012 Gold Mist 51,GAO WA316N
2014 Gold Mist GAO WA316N
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