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Silver GMC Sierras at PaintRef.com
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The first Silver GMC Sierra in our paint database was in 1999, with 2 silver paint shades named Pewter and Silver Mist.

The latest offering of Silver on a GMC Sierra is available now in the 2019 model year, with one shade of silver paint named Quicksilver.

In our database we found 22 offerings of Silver in 21 of the 21 production years of the Sierra (1999-2019). This includes all "Silver" named paints, silver greens, silver blues, Pewters, Titaniums, and Vapor colors that are clearly light in shade and metallic. Below is a list of all offerings of Silver on a Sierra in our database with examples where we've found them. Click on the example or manufacturing code for more information.

yearpromotional namemanuf code
1999 Pewter 11 WA382E
Silver Mist 17 WA331D
2000 Pewter 11 WA382E
2001 Pewter 11 WA382E
2002 Pewter 11 WA382E
2003 Pewter 11 WA382E
2004 Silver Birch 59 WA926L
2005 Silver Birch 59 WA926L
2006 Silver Birch 59 WA926L
2007 Silver Birch 59 WA926L
2008 Silver Birch 59 WA926L
2009 Silver Birch 59 WA926L
2010 Pure Silver GGZ WA726S
2011 Pure Silver 18,GGZ WA726S
2012 Quicksilver 17,GAN WA636R
2013 Quicksilver GAN,17 WA636R
2014 Quicksilver 17,GAN WA636R
2015 Quicksilver GAN WA636R
2016 Quicksilver GAN WA636R
2017 Quicksilver GAN WA636R
2018 Quicksilver GAN WA636R
2019 Quicksilver GAN WA636R
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