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White Cadillac CTSs at PaintRef.com
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The first White Cadillac CTS in our paint database was in 2005, with one white paint shade named White Diamond.

White is available now on the 2018 CTS, with 2 shades of white paint named Crystal White and Glacier.

The latest offering of White on a Cadillac CTS is available now in the 2019 model year, with one shade of white paint named Crystal White.

In our database we found 16 offerings of White in 14 of the 14 production years of the CTS (2005-2012 and 2014-2019). Surprisingly, there are many shades of white over the years, as opposed to black of which there has been only a few shades; but in most cases the white colors we have included have the word white in its original promotional name. Below is a list of all offerings of White on a CTS in our database with examples where we've found them. Click on the example or manufacturing code for more information.

yearpromotional namemanuf code
2005 White Diamond 98 WA800J
2006 White Lightning 98 WA800J
2007 White Diamond 98 WA800J
2008 White Diamond 98 WA800J
2009 White Diamond 98 WA800J
2010 White Diamond 98 WA800J
2011 White Diamond GBN,98 WA800J
2012 White Diamond 98,GBN WA800J
2014 White Diamond GBN WA800J
2015 Crystal White G1W WA140X
2016 Crystal White G1W WA140X
Crystal White G7V WA144X
2017 Crystal White G1W WA140X
2018 Crystal White G1W WA140X
Glacier G9F WA459C
2019 Crystal White G1W WA140X
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