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Yellow Chevrolet Camaros at PaintRef.com
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The first Yellow Chevrolet Camaro was introduced in 1967, with 2 paint shades named Capri Cream and Butternut Yellow.

The last offering of Yellow on a Chevrolet Camaro in our paint database was in 2018, with one shade of yellow paint named Bright Yellow.

In our database we found 38 offerings of Yellow in 30 of the 47 production years of the Camaro (1967-2002 and 2010-2020). We have excluded all yellow greens and most golds from this list but included all gold yellow paints as originally named; light yellowish creams, tans, and beiges; and those paints are very obviously yellow. Below is a list of all offerings of Yellow on a Camaro in our database with examples where we've found them. Click on the example or manufacturing code for more information.

yearpromotional namemanuf code
1967 Capri Cream T WA3586
Butternut Yellow Y WA3313
1968 Butternut Yellow Y WA3313
1969 Butternut Yellow 40 WA3313
Daytona Yellow 76 WA3893
1970 Daytona Yellow 51 WA3893
1971 Sunflower Yellow 52 WA4145
1972 Cream Yellow 56 WA4271
1973 Light Yellow 51 WA4329
Chamois 56 WA4326
1974 Cream Beige 50 WA4527
Bright Yellow 51 WA4642
1975 Cream Beige 50 WA4527
Bright Yellow 51 WA4642
1976 Bright Yellow 51 WA3893
Buckskin 65 WA4866
1977 Bright Yellow 51 WA3893
Light Buckskin 61 WA4891
1978 Bright Yellow 51 WA7031
1979 Bright Yellow 51 WA7031
1980 Bright Yellow 51 WA7143
1981 Bright Yellow 51 WA7143
1983 Beige 59 WA7084
1984 Beige 59 WA7084
1985 Yellow 50 WA8740
Light Yellow 54 WA8525
1986 Yellow 51 WA8929
1987 Yellow 51 WA8929
1988 Yellow 51 WA8929
2010 Rally Yellow GCO WA9414
2011 Rally Yellow GCO WA9414
2012 Rally Yellow GCO WA9414
2013 Rally Yellow GCO WA9414
2014 Bright Yellow G7D WA131X
2015 Bright Yellow G7D WA131X
2016 Bright Yellow G7D WA131X
2017 Bright Yellow G7D WA131X
2018 Bright Yellow G7D WA131X
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