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Sales Brochure - Ford 1971 Pinto

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This page shows the option groups available on the 1971 Pinto. There is a one in Pinto Lime. Whoa.... Hold it. Check out the baby? in the Mother's arms! A little old to be clothes-less. There is a Bright Red one in the middle of the page and a Bright Blue at the bottom. The Accent Group: illustrated by the green Pinto is that little something extra that can make all the different. With this group you get the following; bright window, center pillar and drip moldings. Wheel covers and wheel lip moldings. And inside, a carpet that's color-keyed. The Protect Group; also on the green Pinto is a smart buy if you do a lot of parking in shopping centers and city streets. Side moldings with vinyl inserts are a blessing when the parker next to you opens his door against yours. Bumper guards and bumpers have rubber inserts... for people who have a little trouble in the tight spots. The Luggage Rack option (on the roof of the green Pinto) is a sculptured piece of chrome lets you carry all sorts of extras and makes going on vacation a roomy event. The Rallye Appearance Group (on the red Pinto): is for people who like the look of moving out... even when standing still. In this package you get a black grille with a Rallye Badge, black tail lamp bezels, black or gold hood paint treatment and black painted lower back panel with periphery molding. To dress up the windows there are bright window frames, pillar and drip moldings, and driver's color-keyed remote-control racing mirror. There are bright wheel trim rings, hub caps, and wheel lip moldings. There's a body-side tape stripes ("Boss" type). Looking at the back, there's a bright tailpipe extension. Not everything is for the outside on the Rallye... inside there are color-keyed carpets, a sports shift knob, a shift pattern diagram on the shifter boot, and a chrome parking brake handle with woodgrain grip. To turn this Pinto into a real "mover," you'll be getting A78-13 BSW tires and manual front disc brakes. It all ads up to one fine little machine. The Luxury Decor Group (on the blue Pint): never has a small car had such a look of big car luxury. It's what the name says. A package that begins by offering everything in the Accent Group. We then add a gleaming rocker panel molding and a lot more that you will like inside. The Vinyl Top option (shown on the blue Pinto): This tough skin with bright drip moldings will appeal to many as a way to make a fine-looking little car even finer... for the life of the car.

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