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Sales Brochure - GM 2004 H2H Hummer

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Hummer H2H

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Hero card for the 2004 Hummer H2H which runs on Hydrogen. The exterior color is Laser blue. It says, Introducing the hydrogen-powered HUMMER H2H. A real, live, experimental version of our very own HUMMER H2 SUT. The main exhaust is water vapor. We'll give you a minute to gather yourself together. Created as part of GM's company-wide hydrogen initiative, the H2H was designed for two reasons. First, as a learning tool to help engineers, designers, educators and students discover how to improve hydrogen technology and to encourage hydrogen's proliferation as a new and clean energy source for transportation. This vehicle will provide GM with key learnings on hydrogen storage, delivery systems and refueling infrastructure. The H2H is also being shared with the Office of the Governor of California to help the state develop a viable hydrogen economy, in part, through its California Hydrogen Highway Network initiative. The second reason we built the H2H? Inspiration. We believe our big, bold, blue H2H illustrates the vision of hydrogen-powered future like nothing else...

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