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Fleet Color Codes - Pepsi Paint Cross-Reference
 make: Fleetmodel: Pepsi

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image [year] make model paint color name code sample Ford code GM code Chrysler code Ditzler PPG Dupont Acme Rogers RM BASF Glasurit Martin Senour Sherwin Williams comment
Fleet Pepsi Black      X    M1724X WA8555 DT4004 9000, 9300 99 A946 8800 1738, 40423
Fleet Pepsi Blue        WT8096 12908 29509 17389 10172 J5-1837
Fleet Pepsi Blue        WT8142 13411 7257 17396 10179 J5-1842
Fleet Pepsi Blue      X    WT8002 DT8467 13582 6544 17375 10158 J5-1825
Fleet Pepsi Blue        WT8159 13598 7258 17397 10180 J5-1843
Fleet Pepsi Blue        14220
Fleet Pepsi Blue        WT8335 14341 63189 18313 8769 JX-6842
Fleet Pepsi Blue        WT8341 14342 7843 18229 1158 11705 J5-5009
Fleet Pepsi Blue        WT8333 14352 7582 18311 11168 J5-3956
Fleet Pepsi Blue        WE5812 14394
Fleet Pepsi Blue        190468
Fleet Pepsi Blue        190469
Fleet Pepsi Blue        19978
Fleet Pepsi Dark Blue        18361
Fleet Pepsi Dark Blue        18537
Fleet Pepsi Green        41780
Fleet Pepsi Green        WT7139 43832 7237 17356 10140 J5-1166
Fleet Pepsi Green        45827
Fleet Pepsi Green        48513
Fleet Pepsi Iceman Tan        28683
Fleet Pepsi Light Blue        15506
Fleet Pepsi Light Blue        18359
Fleet Pepsi Mountain Dew Green        45827
Fleet Pepsi Red        71603
Fleet Pepsi Red        DT3380 71656
Fleet Pepsi Red        WT4171 71662
Fleet Pepsi Red        71960
Fleet Pepsi Red        72400
Fleet Pepsi Red        72468
Fleet Pepsi Red        73963
Fleet Pepsi Red        74388
Fleet Pepsi Red        75092
Fleet Pepsi Red        79969
Fleet Pepsi White        WT0045 DT1189 8001 6538 17203 10003 J5-1703
Fleet Pepsi White        WT0354 0805
Fleet Pepsi White        WE5587 0811
Fleet Pepsi White        81747
Fleet Pepsi White        82486
Fleet Pepsi White        8292
Fleet Pepsi White        83289
Fleet Pepsi White        8436
Fleet Pepsi White        WT0069 DT1563 8710 7168 17206 10006 J5-1706
Fleet Pepsi White        WT0115 DT1021 8717 508 17213 10011 J5-1712
Fleet Pepsi White        8845 90608 BMC-107 4098
Fleet Pepsi White        90179
G B Y 1969 Fleet Pepsi Blue   C       93-29032 Dupont Fleet Book, Pepsi Cola International
G B Y 1969 Fleet Pepsi Blue   C     X    WT8002 DT8467 13582 6544D 17375 10158 J5-1825 Dupont Fleet Book, truck color
G B Y 1969 Fleet Pepsi Dark Blue   C       93-60790, 246-60790, 7033L Dupont Fleet Book, upright vending machine color
G B Y 1969 Fleet Pepsi Dark Green   C       93-61712H Dupont Fleet Book, Teem truck color
G B Y 1969 Fleet Pepsi Green   C       181-29816H Dupont Fleet Book, Mountain Dew truck color, metallic
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